Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GD Test Postponed Until Friday

Well, you can't say I didn't brave it and try to go to the vampire lab to get my testing done today.  I even "fasted" last night to prepare myself for a morning of torture.  However, when T returned from his trip, he seemed pretty stressed about me taking the test today.  He had a ton of conference calls and work to do which he would have to completely rearrange in order to make this morning work.  It didn't take long for my sleepy brain cells to come up with a solution...let's wait!

According to the nurse at my doc's office, I just have to complete the testing a week before my next appointment which is October 8.  Therefore, we can totally do it Friday of this week or Tue/Wed of next week.  We are shooting for Friday.  I really do want to get it over with but I am also ok with waiting if that means T will be with me free of work stress.  Or with minimal work stress.  So it looks like Friday is the magic day.  BACK TO YOUR CAVES, VAMPIRES!!!

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