Tuesday, July 21, 2009

18 weeks

Well, not much to share at this point. I am battling with a head cold that is still keeping me up at night but I am usually up at night so it is just something else to deal with. My SIL may be having her baby any day now. My MIL is known (or suspected) within the family of having slight psychic abilities and she is predicting July 23 at 9 AM. I am hoping she is right because she is also predicting that we will have a boy!

Only small improvements have been made to the crap (now baby) room. Slowly cleaning out the stuff that isn't baby and trying to get it all organized before we paint. We haven't picked out a color yet. We just know it will be in the light green category.

I did work out this morning and I am still encountering gawkers. There was an old guy on the machine next to the one I was on that was making no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking at my stomach! I wasn't very happy about it and wanted to do the same to him...but I just couldn't risk my eye sight to look at such a thing. Ok, that was mean. But it is also mean to stare!!

Anyway, I may be a little on the cranky side because I can't breathe through my nose and my throat is raw from coughing. But I still did an 18 week pic for those who are keeping score!

Here ya go!

Dear Cashew,

This letter may be short because I am dealing with watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose and I am out of water for my sore throat. None of this is your fault, by any means. But it does make me feel run down and, with the rest of my energy going to you and your health, I don't have much left for mine. But that's ok. As long as you're healthy.

Today I started feeling some things in my stomach that, well, didn't feel like gas bubbles. I am starting to think that I am feeling you move around in there a bit! It is pretty exciting! I can't wait until Daddy can feel you too! Or until I get a good kick in the pants to let me know you are doing well!

Your cousin is due into the world any day now. I saw her move around in your Aunt Lauren's belly yesterday. I must say, it is kinda creepy! I am sure it will be hard for me to get used to at first when you start doing that but I am sure it will be hard for you to get used to the close quarters in there!! Hope you're not clausterphobic!!

That's going to be all for now. I am going to rest and try to blow my nose until I can find a small opening in which to breathe. Oh, and did you have me dream about chocolate chocolate chip cookies with creme filling? I haven't stopped thinking about them! I don't even like sweets cashew! That's how I know it's you!

Love you bunches!
Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, July 19, 2009

17w 6d: Bought our ottoman and...

Well, last night I woke up at my usual god-awful-thirty with tingly toes, a full bladder and a new problem...a sore throat. Very sore. After relieving my bladder and squeezing my feet, I found that there was going to be more keeping me awake than just the usual crap. I started coughing and then realized my nose was completely stopped up...yet running...out of one nostril. So up I went again to grab some Kleenex (actually, a scrap of toilet paper but isn't it funny how we call anything we wipe our nose with 'Kleenex'?). After a bit of time tossing and turning, coughing and blowing my nose, I decided to take my pillow and head downstairs so that T could get some sort of good night sleep.

Today started out a pretty lazy day. I felt (and still feel) like dog poop and my energy level is next to non-existent. I took a shower hoping for some relief but nothing. We headed out to Boston's Pizza for lunch and then decided to take a drive to get some fresh, hot-ass-oven air. As we were driving, we - of course - began talking about cashew (as we seem to do a lot lately). We talked about what kind of outfit we are going to take him/her home in - will it be pink or blue. We decided that we would get one of each and that way we will be prepared for either! I mean, it isn't that expensive anyway so why not?

That led us to Baby's R Us - the once intimidating store that has now become almost as familiar as Target to me. I showed him the convertible car seat that his Mom bought us for our shower (which hasn't happened yet but she bought it for us while we were shopping together). It isn't the one that T and I originally picked out but I think we like this other one better!

Then we browsed past the maternity clothes to see if there were any items on sale. There were but I am just not too keen on buying too many maternity clothes just yet. Especially since I will be larger in the fall and winter so I may want to hold off until then...I don't know. I just have a hard time buying clothes that have panty hose material that goes over my belly. Right now the few pairs of pants/shorts I have along with my elastic skirts and bella band is doing me well.

Next we headed over to look at gliders. When I was at this very store with Steph, I did find a glider that I really liked AND it was in the same wood stain as our furniture and the cushions the same color as our bedding. Meant to be, right? Steph and I asked when we were there before if they had it in stock. It was on sale for $150 off which really got it to a good price. They didn't have it in stock. That was ok because I wanted to get the bosses approval first anyway.

I showed it to T and, after sitting in some of the other gliders, I really felt like that was the one. It reclines smoothly and rocks with the ottoman. It has side pockets for storage and just looks very nice and stylish. T was very comfortable buying it since our other furniture came in under the pre-determined budget. So we bought it! It should be in the store in a couple of weeks and we will go pick it up. I am pretty excited. This was the last "large" furniture piece that we needed to purchase. Here it is:



And, what's really funny is, here is a pic of when we went to BRU with Mom in Louisville. I am sitting in the exact chair but in a different color. The one we bought is like the one that is next to the one I am in!


I am very excited about the glider. I told T that he may think I have lost my mind when he walks by cashew's room and sees me in there in the comfy chair...before cashew even gets here! Haha!

Finally, we went looking for the "take home" outfit. I am all for a Steelers onesie to take them home in whether it is a girl or a boy. But we thought something cutesy would be in order. Funny how I navigate straight to the boy's clothes!! For being a girl, it surprises me how much I enjoy shopping for boy things over girl things. I guess it is because I have never been a real "girly" girl and pink kinda makes me gag after looking at it for a while. I think, even if I do have a girl, she won't be wearing a lot of pink. Nothing against those who love pink...I'm just not one of them.

So we found a boy "take home" outfit that we thought was really cute! Since it will be around Xmas time, we figured we should look for something warm. We found some khaki colored corduroys and a cute sweater that has dark brown, light brown and blue stripes. It has buttons down the front that are shaped like teddy bear heads. So cute! And, you know what? We stopped there. We kinda looked at girl stuff but didn't really find anything that we cared for...or maybe we just didn't look hard enough. I asked T, you don't think that I am going to be severely disappointed if it comes out a girl do you? He said no. I would get over it real quick. I'm sure he's right. I am thinking that it is going to be a girl now since we are really thinking its a boy. Everybody thought I was going to be a boy too when my Mom was pregnant. Welp, look what happened! But no pink!!

After we left BRU with great purchases, we did a drive by of the Lexus dealership so that T could look at "our future vehicle." I swear, one of these days, I will come home from somewhere and it will be in our driveway. The one we like is still in the lot. It is a one year old used SUV but it sure is nice!!! Here is the model he likes...but the used one is in a deep red color and is fully loaded with built in DVD/LCD monitors for the backseat, etc.



The nice thing is that the back "hatch" opens to the side instead of up and down. We really like that feature a lot. And the used one has a spoiler on the back and other nice features. This purchase is a little further down the line but, with the possibility of new departments coming under T's leadership and his review coming up (possible raise), I wouldn't be surprised to be surprised!!

Then we headed home and that's where we are now. Looks like a storm may roll through but I may or may not be awake to see it. I am feeling very run down and my head feels full and heavy. I am thinking jammies are on the horizon as well as a TV/couch potato night.

Dear Cashew,

We bought the last piece of furniture today to complete your room. I may still get a small bookcase and some other little odds and ends but the big stuff is done. We bought the chair that you will probably learn to appreciate a lot as we spend many hours of many nights together in it. Don't worry, it is easy to clean for the occasional puke bursts.

I kinda thought I felt something this morning. Was it you? It didn't feel like my usual gas bubble...it felt like something moving in there. I got excited but not too much so until I know for sure. I can't wait to feel you move in there. Although it will take me a little time to get used to it. It's kinda weird to think about something rolling around in there!! Usually it is just left over lunch or sloshy liquid. Not a life form. Kinda seems a little alien'ish. But I am looking forward to that reassurance that you are doing ok.

We bought you a very cute outfit for your trip home...if you're a boy. If you're a girl, don't worry. We will find something for you. No matter what you are, you will be wearing some Steelers onesies not long after arriving home! Especially if we make it in the Super Bowl again. I am going to be sure you are well equipped. I may even swaddle you in a Terrible Towel!!! How about that??

Well, I am going to rest now. I hope this cold doesn't affect you too bad. Sorry for all the snot that might be making its way through the ol' umbilical. I'm trying to blow my nose as much as possible but I am sure some of it is sliding down your way. I hear that my immune system is not functioning at full power since all my body energy is focused on your well being so it may take a bit to kick this but I will. No worries.

Your 18 week gestational birthday is coming up in a couple of days! Exciting huh? We are almost half way to the end. Hang in there cashew!

Love you always,

PS...Daddy says that he isn't fond of gliders because it makes him feel queasy (probably not as bad as I felt for a while) but I bet we will find him in it when he is holding you. He is very excited to see you, as am I. We are hoping that your big sister will be able to make our big appointment August 4 to see you on the screen. We will all be waving to you!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

17w, 5 days: Is it a clue?

Last night I had a dream...actually this morning when I finally fell back asleep after hours of being awake in the dark. There were several little boys (somewhere in the age range of 5 - 8) opening Christmas presents. I didn't feel like any of them were mine. As a matter of fact, my cousin's husband was in my dream and I felt like a couple of the boys were his. But I was happy and excited to see them open their presents. There was an electric guitar, Dominos and a really cool new Battleship game. I could make a fortune off of designing the game. It has more James Bond type of game pieces like a sleek, long passenger jet plane, Bond-like speed boats and so on. All the pieces were black and sleek. Nice game!

Could this be a hint of what's to come? Christmas gifts? Boys? Hmmmm. Bookmark this page. It may be the first hint of mother's intuition or it could be pretty funny when we have a girl!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a quick note...

I saw today on Facebook, another friend of mine from high school has just had a baby. From what I can tell by reading between the lines, it is about 4 months old. She was in the same class as me so I am assuming she is about my age. It is so refreshing and awesome to see so many women my age or older starting families. I think times really are changing and people are focusing on their careers (and themselves) in their 20s and then settling down and starting families in their 30s when they are more secure in life. It was awesome to see that information! She just joined so she doesn't have any pics up but I can't wait to see them!

My SMom gave me a book while I was in Louisville called - 100 Things I Hate About Pregnancy - or something to that affect. I may start putting some of them in here because they are funny but one that is SO true is the language that some people use when it comes to being pregnant (and I have adopted a couple because, if you don't use some of them, pregnant people look at you weird). I was reminded of some of these hated terms when I found some on an email that is sent to me weekly from a baby website.

Words that irk me:
> Preggers
> Preggo
> Belly (this is the one I use)

The funny thing about "belly" is that I have NEVER called my stomach my "belly". And, just like the book says (which the above words were hated in there too), your stomach becomes a "belly" when you are pregnant. I guess it sounds softer than my description of it - stomach, abs, gut. I started adopting that word in my vocabulary - even though it makes me gag on bile when I say it - because it is kinda frowned upon if you call the pod that a precious little angel baby is in a "gut". So I adapt to the girly ways. But the other two I refuse to EVER say and hate with a true passion. But to each their own. But the book is really funny and I can relate to so much of it!!

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying I hate pregnancy (I don't want any flaming comments that I am a horrible, cruel, evil, non-woman who hates everything about it). There are some good things about it. But there are also a lot of pain in the butt things too (literally at times) so that's probably why the book was written in the first place!

That's all! Cashew and I are going to work out for 1.5 hours and then relax by (or in) a pool with Auntie Amber. Should be a great Friday! I will probably have to run by Walmart on the way home to pick up a couple of grocery items but then I will be in for the night. Maybe I will watch a movie tonight!! That would be fun and low key.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

17 weeks, 3 days: Doc appointment update

Leading up to any of my doctor appointments, I always have a sense of dread. I am afraid that they will find something bad or, even worse, find nothing at all. Not even a heartbeat. My frequent visits to message boards of other pregnant women can sometimes make this anxiety worse. Hearing stories about women who's babies heartbeats have stopped without their knowledge weeks before there ultrasound - even at 20 something weeks - just makes my heart skip a beat. I know this has a lot to do with having a miscarriage combined with my intense personality. I always fear the worst. I think I do this so that I can prep myself in case the worst has happened but then be pleasantly surprised when the worst hasn't happened.

Knowing my appointment was coming up and having a little time on my hands, I found myself browsing the message boards to see what everyone was chatting about. Turns out, some people can feel movement inside (not on the outside) anywhere from 16 weeks to 20 something weeks when it turns to outward kicks. The challenge is that, these women described these feelings as "fluttering" and "bubbles". All I thought I was feeling was gas bubbles and the occasional cramp. Not that this should be concerning or surprising. I read that a lot of women confuse the "quickening" or small movements as gas or hunger pains. While I overanalyzed my gas bubbles, I wondered if everything was ok in there. Or was I carrying a bundle of bad news.

I kept my mind off of things yesterday by going with my mother-in-law to Babies R Us (not sure how that keeps your mind off of babies) so that she could help me register for some of our smaller needs such as pacifiers, bottles and bath stuff. I also wanted to go ahead and get the bedding that we fell in love with. After our shopping trip, we headed to lunch and just chatted about everything under the sun. Luckily a lot of talk about things other than babies. Last night I went bowling with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We had a GREAT time and it was just what I needed to a) take my mind off of things and b) possibly get a good night's sleep.

I slept ok but not well. I haven't in quite a while. Not so much because of my belly (which isn't really big enough to make me uncomfortable) but because of my insane dreams and my toes. Yes, my toes. I have read that some pregnant women have problems with restless legs. My problem is restless toes. It feels like I am crawling out of my skin and it happens EVERY night. I try to make myself relax so that I can fall back asleep but it takes a lot of time. And it is very frustrating.

My dreams have also been very strange. Last night I dreamed that T was with another woman. A really pretty college aged girl. In my dream, I was trying to understand the situation and knew that we were over. But I was so hurt...I was devestated. And I was pregnant. I started begging him to punch me in the stomach and saying that I didn't want to be pregnant with his baby while he was with her. Can you believe that madness? Disturbing isn't it? I read today on the internet (my friend and foe) that pregnant women sometimes have dreams just like this because they are so vulnerable and dealing with something so out of your norm. Add to that the fact that T is out of town on business this week, disturbing dreams I guess are bound to happen. Luckily I woke up to the realization that T and I are very happy and together and no one - I mean no one - will punch my stomach for ANY reason!

After a hot and long drive to my appointment, it was time to find out how cashew was doing. The office wasn't very busy - only one other couple was waiting in the small, cozy lobby. They were a cute couple - the guy was one of those large, kinda loud guys that is well spoken and kinda funny. He was asking the ladies behind the window about the 3D/4D ultrasounds. He said, "I know what a 3D image is but what is 4D? What dimension is that?" I couldn't help but chuckle behind my People magazine. He has a good point! But he ended up calling the number on the brochure advertising these ultrasounds and it was sweet hearing him talk to them. He was obviously very protective over his wife (asking things like "how hard will you have to press on her belly for the image?") and very organized with his thoughts and questions. They went back shortly after his phone conversation and it was just me and the Gosselings in People magazine left in the lobby (so sad about that family - John & Kate Plus 8).

Finally my name was called and I headed back and to the left to the usual small work room where they take my weight. 145.0. Looks like I am gaining a little weight. Finally. As hard as it is for me to see the scale rise after years of watching and cheering it DOWN, I really want to be sure that I stay healthy and I understand that weight gain (within the correct range) is healthy.

Next the nurse handed me the pee stick - the usual pee on my hand moment - that I have to do every visit. I headed to the bathroom. What I saw when I walked into the bathroom is something not commonly seen at your OB/GYN's office bathroom. The toilet seat was up. My first thought is that someone must have just cleaned the toilet and didn't put the seat back down. That's when I saw the remnants on the rim. There was a GUY in this bathroom! I could only assume it was the one that questioned the 4th dimension. Maybe the 4th dimension is what he was aiming for when peeing in (and on) the toilet. Guys, I know that you may occasionally need to pee while at the OB/GYN office with your wife, girlfriend or significant other. I am not trying to be an elitest but, guys, the OB/GYN office is a woman's world. You may get a sense of this when you go into the floral scented bathroom stocked with tampons, a changing table and pee cups. Please, please, please, respect the fact that this is a revered place for women. A place where we have to let down all modest guards and let the doctor poke and prod places with instruments that would bring a tear to your eye. Could you please wipe off your pee from the rim and put the seat down after you pee in that bathroom? I am sure your significant other would advise you to do the same in your home but I don't care what you do there. Please, be considerate of those of us who must frequent the OB/GYN and keep good aim and good manners. Oh, and stop touching the tampons.

Ok, back to me. After hovering over the wet rim after putting the seat down, I did my usual balancing act to pee in the cup for the dipstick. Yes, as usual, a little pee ended up on a finger. I wondered to myself while this process was working, how am I going to do this when I can't kinda look down there to get my aim. What happens when I look down and only see a belly button? That should make it more interesting I'm sure.

I guess my dip stick looked good to the nurse and she guided me into the ultrasound suite. You know, the big room with the recliner? I love that room. She checked my blood pressure - 180 over 20 or something like that. If that means I'm dead, I got the numbers wrong. I have never really been good at understanding the blood pressure thing. She asked me how I've been feeling and then, the second question, "have you felt any fetal movement?" Ugh - well, I answered, I haven't. Or at least I don't think I have. I don't know. I have felt gas bubbles - or was that fetal movement. I don't know. She assured me that it can be hard to distinguish so not to worry. But I did.

The wait for Hutch seemed like an eternity. I couldn't get comfortable (mental note - sit in the comfy recliner next time) and my mind was running all over the place. I kept looking at the ultrasound machine wondering if it would seal my fate today. Will it bring good news or bad news? This went on for however long I was sitting in the room. Then the jiggle of my chart on the outside of the door was the welcoming sound of Hutch coming in.

Hutch is just one of those women that you instantly love. She is bouncy and happy - but not over the top. She is eccentric and quarky but warm and inviting. She came in, gave me a hug and pulled up a chair. She asked how I was doing and I shared my concerns that I have every time an appointment rolls around. She said that she understood and that she was there to ease those concerns so the first thing she did was listen to the heartbeat. Oh, and no...no sonogram today - no pics. But she did put the gel on the belly and waved the magic wand so that we could hear the heartbeat. It took no time for her to find it. As soon as she touched my stomach you could hear it. My first reaction - and question - is that my heartbeat or the baby's? She said it is the baby's! I couldn't believe how loud and clear it was! She said it was definitely moving! She had to chase it down with the wand to keep listening to the heartbeat. You could hear it strong and then it would fade a bit...it was moving and repositioning. Every now and then you would hear a THUMP - Hutch said, "that's a kick!" WHAT?? I couldn't even feel anything!! Then you would hear a SWOOSH - Hutch said, "that's movement!" I couldn't believe how much it was moving around in there. Absolutely amazing!! As much as I would have loved pictures to share with you tonight, my peace of mind was rekindled with the heartbeat wand.

Hutch told me that the results of my NT Scan are all perfect and in the normal zone! That's great news. It isn't a guarantee but, when it is in the range of mine, there isn't much concern at all. She commented that I looked "fit" and "healthy" and that I don't even look pregnant other than the bump forming! Boy, that made me feel good. I am trying so hard to stay fit so that I can keep cashew healthy and so that I can be back in my normal jeans (minus the belly band) after this is over.

She said I could travel in October so that I can see my family and have a shower (well, I take showers every day but the ol' shower party thing). I told her that my prenatal vitamins make my stomach upset so she gave me samples to try (although I read I could take 2 Flinstone Complete chewable vitamins a day which I have decided to try instead). She informed me that my next ultrasound will be the "big" ultrasound and will take place in a different location. That will be at 20 weeks or so. This ultrasound would be when we could find out the sex. But we aren't!! We still want to be surprised!! But I AM excited to get more pics. Then we will be back to Hutch around August 12 for another quick exam. Probably no pics but maybe a good heartbeat listen!

All in all, the appointment went GREAT and I was so relieved when I left. T was out of town but I called him with the updates and he was very happy. I decided to treat cashew to a mexican lunch - just the two of us. It was delicious...and happened to be next to a Target. I decided to stop by Target after lunch to pick up some flavored waters I like. Well, just like it goes with Target, I ended up getting more than I bargained (or budgeted) for. I decided that I should continue the celebration of a good appointment by buying myself some new jammies. I love them and have them on now! I also bought (Dad's and boys turn your heads) a new bra. The girls are growing which is making my old bras very painful to wear so I bumped up in size. Luckily they were on sale because I know I won't always be this side. I wonder if they have a size "saggy" for after pregnancy?

Then I thought about cashew. He/she had a good appointment too! So I should just go look in the baby section to see if there is something that catches my eye. Well, many things did and I decided to start a registry there as well! Haha! I have officially become the silly pregnant lady that can't stop looking at baby crap! Even the stuff that I don't know what it does! I registered for toys, books, boppy pillow (don't ask), some blankets and some onesies. In neutral colors of course. But I did see a cute 3 month old outfit on clearance that I thought would be a good celebratory gift for cashew. Oh...and some booties/socks that rattle! So cute! I just had to get it. This child...spoiled already.

Dear Cashew,

It relieved my mind and heart when I heard your heart beat! I am always worried about you and can only imagine that this worry will continue until the day I turn to dust! But your heart beat is strong and your movements were incredible! Were you playing with us? Doc said she heard a kick and other movements. No matter if you are a boy or a girl, sounds like sports might be in the cards for you! I am your number one supporter if you would like to take something on!!

I bought you an outfit today and registered for some toys and other bright, weird kid things that I suppose you will enjoy as much as the model babies on the boxes. I also registered for a "goodnight" book and some other books that you and I (and probably your big sis) will enjoy very soon. Once I get the idea that you can hear stuff out here, maybe Daddy and I will read you some things. With your Daddy's genes, we know for a fact you will already be smart but couldn't hurt to make you smarter!

I keep hearing and reading that I will be feeling you soon. You will have to make some deliberate moves to get my attention since gas bubbles and other strange sensations are pretty common in there lately. But I do try to concentrate to feel something. I know I will really get some kicks someday soon so I am trying to be patient.

Your cousin Londyn will be born any day! Aunt Lauren's doc says that it could be before her next appointment next Thursday! I am excited to see her and to see the hospital where you will be born! I am really excited that you two will be so close in age. That will give you someone to play with.

Well, I am sure you are currently swimming away and enjoying the comfort of your bubble. I am so glad that you are doing so well and it sounds like you are the perfect baby...boy or girl. We are still not going to find out what you are until your birthday!! How exciting!!!

Well, goodnight for now. I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks and maybe feeling you sooner!

Love you always,
Mommy and Daddy

PS...Daddy was out of town for this appointment but stayed in constant contact to be sure he knew how you were doing. He is very happy to hear that we are both doing great and progressing wonderfully! You will love your Daddy - he rocks!!

Belly picture at 17 weeks:

Friday, July 10, 2009

16 weeks, 4 days: Furniture ordered!

Well, cashew took his/her first trip to Louisville and it was a success! I can't wait to take them back when they can really enjoy the beauty of my home and the love of their Grandparents and Great Grandparents!

We told Tay the big news the night before we left for the trip. She was super excited after her moment of confusion!! She loved her Big Sister shirt and her Big Sis bracelet that Aunt Lauren made her. She wore her bracelet almost everyday! From the moment she found out until the morning she went back to her Mom's, she was dishing out advice and tips on how to take care of a baby including her recommendation of a Hooter Hider. Once we get all of our videos and photos onto one computer, I will post the video of her explaining what the Hooter Hider is all about. That child knows a lot and will definitely be a good help for someone who doesn't have a clue!!

I have pretty much become a pod...a transporter. Tay still loves me as she always has but now the baby takes center stage! I received tons of hugs (well, my belly did), a lot of touches and belly pats, kisses for cashew, etc. When I was walking on one side of her and Daddy on the other on a main street, Daddy switched me places and Tay agreed saying that I shouldn't be close to the cars because of the baby. What am I? Chopped liver? I personally don't want to get hit by a car because of ME!! But that's ok. It's sweet and I am very glad that she is so excited about it. She wants to be part of it in a big way and we are planning on doing that for sure!

T and I have already discussed how to always make her feel special even after cashew arrives. We will have times when someone can watch cashew and we will take Tay out for some fun minus baby. Not always but sometimes so that we can all reconnect. I also think it will be important for her and Daddy to spend some alone time together. So I think we will make it special for everyone.

My first Babys R Us experience is documented in my other blog but, since then, we have gone back to register for more items. I haven't gotten a lot on my list - and I have seen some large lists in the past - but we will probably end up getting a lot of the stuff ourself. Especially personal items like boob lotion or other personal items that I would be embarrassed to open at showers. I think my favorite item I have registered for (and probably the cheapest) is the baby book! After looking at mine while visiting Mom, I can't wait to get one!! And it is sooo cute!! We almost bought it ourselves but thought that would be a good gift item.

The night before last, T and I finally sat down and did a CADD diagram of the nursery to see how much furniture would fit. We decided to keep it simple and do a crib, changing table/dresser combo and a glider with a small pedastal table next to it. This will keep the room looking open and will give plenty of floor space to play/crawl - whatever babies do. My concern with the dresser/changer combo was my obsessive need to keep things separate and organized. Changing items at the changing table, clothes in the dresser. But we came up with the idea to add cherry shelves on the wall above the changing table with lined baskets that will have the changing needs. And it totally makes sense to have the clothes in the same spot since that's where we will probably change its clothes. Success!

Although I had picked out a crib before this process, we ordered something completely different and I couldn't be happier! After seeing where it would be placed in the room, this is such a beautiful choice! Here is a link to the furniture that we ordered. If you scroll your mouse over the images, it will show you a close up. We are NOT getting the dresser that you see in the pic. Just crib and changer/dresser.


It is on back order but will arrive somewhere around Aug 10. That gives us time to clean and paint the room before it gets here. And, although we registered for the bedding, I am going to buy it instead. I want to have it set up with the crib.

Ok, so yesterday I was supposed to go to the vampires for another blood draw to test for spina bifida. But, since it is a walk in type of lab, I decided to wait until today. Even though I am not even showered and certainly not anxious to get there. But I will do it - eventually.

My next appointment with Hutch is next Thursday, July 16. Maybe more pics of cashew??

Symptoms as of late: waking up at 2 AM every morning, becoming a little more uncomfortable lying down, still nauseous some in the evenings, heartburn in the evenings.

To close, here is my 16 week pic. When I arrived in Louisville, Mom didn't really think I was showing much and I agreed. But, by the time I left, I must have grown because EVERYONE was commenting on my "bump". I guess it's growing...GULP.

16 weeks, 3 days

Dear Cashew,
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Louisville. That will probably be the one and only time you will travel there so quietly! But I received some great lullaby CDs from your Uncle Denny and Aunt Kathy that may help you on your next trip. Actually, your next trip will be for our shower in the fall so you will probably be just moving around in the pod at that point!

Your big sister could not be more excited about you!!! I have read that you can feel my stomach being poked and prodded and that might make you move around. Well, with all the jiggling your sister was doing on my belly, you must have felt like you were on a roller coaster! I almost lost our cookies a couple of times! But she already loves you. She thinks you are a girl but would be just as happy if you are a boy. You know what Daddy thinks!

We started shopping for you and I must say, it is quite intimidating. But I am learning. We are excited about getting your room together too! I can't believe this is ME doing this. I never thought I would ever be a Mommy - or want to be - but now I can't imagine not having you around in there. What an exciting time for both of us!

Daddy is overprotective and already a little nervous about the birthing process. I am too but I kinda know what to expect so that helps a lot. He just wants everything to go right and have us both be happy and healthy in the end. I told him that you and I make a good team and will look out for each other!

We are almost half way there, cashew. It feels like it has taken a long time to get to this point and, honestly, time does seem to be standing still. At least you have a lot going on in there to keep you occupied! I read that you are about the size of my fist and your nervous system is developing this week. How exciting. It also mentioned that you may be able to hear my voice and my heartbeat. I will try to watch what I say!

That's all for now. I need to get ready to head to the ol' lab to give some of our blood to the vampire doctors. You will know what I mean when you get here. I am sure you will be poked and prodded more than I have been lately. I apologize in advance.

Keep growing! Can't wait to see you next week!

Love you always,

And, as always, Daddy says Hi and that he loves you!