Friday, July 10, 2009

16 weeks, 4 days: Furniture ordered!

Well, cashew took his/her first trip to Louisville and it was a success! I can't wait to take them back when they can really enjoy the beauty of my home and the love of their Grandparents and Great Grandparents!

We told Tay the big news the night before we left for the trip. She was super excited after her moment of confusion!! She loved her Big Sister shirt and her Big Sis bracelet that Aunt Lauren made her. She wore her bracelet almost everyday! From the moment she found out until the morning she went back to her Mom's, she was dishing out advice and tips on how to take care of a baby including her recommendation of a Hooter Hider. Once we get all of our videos and photos onto one computer, I will post the video of her explaining what the Hooter Hider is all about. That child knows a lot and will definitely be a good help for someone who doesn't have a clue!!

I have pretty much become a pod...a transporter. Tay still loves me as she always has but now the baby takes center stage! I received tons of hugs (well, my belly did), a lot of touches and belly pats, kisses for cashew, etc. When I was walking on one side of her and Daddy on the other on a main street, Daddy switched me places and Tay agreed saying that I shouldn't be close to the cars because of the baby. What am I? Chopped liver? I personally don't want to get hit by a car because of ME!! But that's ok. It's sweet and I am very glad that she is so excited about it. She wants to be part of it in a big way and we are planning on doing that for sure!

T and I have already discussed how to always make her feel special even after cashew arrives. We will have times when someone can watch cashew and we will take Tay out for some fun minus baby. Not always but sometimes so that we can all reconnect. I also think it will be important for her and Daddy to spend some alone time together. So I think we will make it special for everyone.

My first Babys R Us experience is documented in my other blog but, since then, we have gone back to register for more items. I haven't gotten a lot on my list - and I have seen some large lists in the past - but we will probably end up getting a lot of the stuff ourself. Especially personal items like boob lotion or other personal items that I would be embarrassed to open at showers. I think my favorite item I have registered for (and probably the cheapest) is the baby book! After looking at mine while visiting Mom, I can't wait to get one!! And it is sooo cute!! We almost bought it ourselves but thought that would be a good gift item.

The night before last, T and I finally sat down and did a CADD diagram of the nursery to see how much furniture would fit. We decided to keep it simple and do a crib, changing table/dresser combo and a glider with a small pedastal table next to it. This will keep the room looking open and will give plenty of floor space to play/crawl - whatever babies do. My concern with the dresser/changer combo was my obsessive need to keep things separate and organized. Changing items at the changing table, clothes in the dresser. But we came up with the idea to add cherry shelves on the wall above the changing table with lined baskets that will have the changing needs. And it totally makes sense to have the clothes in the same spot since that's where we will probably change its clothes. Success!

Although I had picked out a crib before this process, we ordered something completely different and I couldn't be happier! After seeing where it would be placed in the room, this is such a beautiful choice! Here is a link to the furniture that we ordered. If you scroll your mouse over the images, it will show you a close up. We are NOT getting the dresser that you see in the pic. Just crib and changer/dresser.

It is on back order but will arrive somewhere around Aug 10. That gives us time to clean and paint the room before it gets here. And, although we registered for the bedding, I am going to buy it instead. I want to have it set up with the crib.

Ok, so yesterday I was supposed to go to the vampires for another blood draw to test for spina bifida. But, since it is a walk in type of lab, I decided to wait until today. Even though I am not even showered and certainly not anxious to get there. But I will do it - eventually.

My next appointment with Hutch is next Thursday, July 16. Maybe more pics of cashew??

Symptoms as of late: waking up at 2 AM every morning, becoming a little more uncomfortable lying down, still nauseous some in the evenings, heartburn in the evenings.

To close, here is my 16 week pic. When I arrived in Louisville, Mom didn't really think I was showing much and I agreed. But, by the time I left, I must have grown because EVERYONE was commenting on my "bump". I guess it's growing...GULP.

16 weeks, 3 days

Dear Cashew,
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Louisville. That will probably be the one and only time you will travel there so quietly! But I received some great lullaby CDs from your Uncle Denny and Aunt Kathy that may help you on your next trip. Actually, your next trip will be for our shower in the fall so you will probably be just moving around in the pod at that point!

Your big sister could not be more excited about you!!! I have read that you can feel my stomach being poked and prodded and that might make you move around. Well, with all the jiggling your sister was doing on my belly, you must have felt like you were on a roller coaster! I almost lost our cookies a couple of times! But she already loves you. She thinks you are a girl but would be just as happy if you are a boy. You know what Daddy thinks!

We started shopping for you and I must say, it is quite intimidating. But I am learning. We are excited about getting your room together too! I can't believe this is ME doing this. I never thought I would ever be a Mommy - or want to be - but now I can't imagine not having you around in there. What an exciting time for both of us!

Daddy is overprotective and already a little nervous about the birthing process. I am too but I kinda know what to expect so that helps a lot. He just wants everything to go right and have us both be happy and healthy in the end. I told him that you and I make a good team and will look out for each other!

We are almost half way there, cashew. It feels like it has taken a long time to get to this point and, honestly, time does seem to be standing still. At least you have a lot going on in there to keep you occupied! I read that you are about the size of my fist and your nervous system is developing this week. How exciting. It also mentioned that you may be able to hear my voice and my heartbeat. I will try to watch what I say!

That's all for now. I need to get ready to head to the ol' lab to give some of our blood to the vampire doctors. You will know what I mean when you get here. I am sure you will be poked and prodded more than I have been lately. I apologize in advance.

Keep growing! Can't wait to see you next week!

Love you always,

And, as always, Daddy says Hi and that he loves you!

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  1. I have to say that your little baby bump is so cute =)