Tuesday, June 30, 2009

15 weeks - cashew's first trip to Louisville + telling big sister tonight!

Today marks the 15 week mark of my pregnancy. I feel like time is creeping by and I still have my moments that I fear something will go wrong or that something is going wrong and I just can't tell that it is. I still feel in the gray zone where I seem to be growing in the mid section but I still don't receive the kicks and squirms to reassure me that there is a baby in there. Or at least a healthy baby. So, everytime I go to the bathroom, I am still checking the toilet paper for blood. I guess that never ends...the worry...until they are here. And then it is on to other, larger worries!

But all that aside, cashew is going on his/her first flight tomorrow and his/her first trip home to Louisville! This will be one of many in the future years!! I don't know what his/her excitement level is at this point but mine is through the roof!! I just can't wait to see my family and friends. It feels like it has been a lifetime! And I hear the weather can't be beat right now!

We will be getting Tay tonight in preparation for the trip. She gets to come home with us and catch more lightening bugs (which was a first for her last year)! She is excited! I think there will be even more bounce in her step because we will be telling her tonight that she is going to be a big sister. We bought her a "big sister" T shirt and her Aunt Lauren made her some really cute bracelets that say "big sis" and her name.

I must admit that I am a bit nervous about telling her. I truly believe that she will be very excited but it is such a huge life changer for her. I just hope she is excited and that her excitement will remain! I am hoping to include her as much as possible in future doctor appointments so that she can see cashew on the monitor and hear his/her heart beat. I want her to feel included on everything so that she has vested interest in cashew.

New update on the nursery. We found bedding that we really like. Here is the link:

It is simple, classy, neutral and soothing. All of the things that are very important to me. I can't wait to get the room started. We picked up some paint sample cards over the weekend. We are leaning towards a mild green like what you see in the bedding. We are going to try to do a chair rail around the room. The top will be the solid color that we choose and the lower will be white with leaf stencil or something similar in the color we choose for the top. Does that make sense? We are both excited to get started on everything.

So here is the ol' stomach at 15 weeks. I don't feel like I am growing much anymore but the process may just be slowing down a tad. The shorts I am wearing are a size 8 (my usual size) and I have them buttoned with no belly band. Of course they were a tad loose before the gut and now they are definitely "fitted" but no band and no maternity shorts today. T says that it is because I am so fit (he's sweet and always knows the right things to say - haha) that my stomach is progressing the way it is. I don't know but I have bought some maternity pants to wear while in Louisville to allow for as much comfort as possible. With the schedule being so crazy, comfort will be a MUST! =]


Dear Cashew,

You're still in there, right? Your Grandma reminded me that I just heard your heartbeat a couple of weeks ago but it feels like it has been months! So I am sure you are fine and just floating along as you should. You are still making me feel a little sick at night. I haven't been taking my vitamins the past couple of nights because of my increased queasiness - sorry. And the heartburn has started to kick in and I've heard it will only increase. But that's ok. As long as you are ok. That's what matters.

You will be on your first flight tomorrow. Of course you will have the best seat on the plane. You won't be stepped on, hit with luggage or have drinks spilled on you. Your first flight is American Airlines 1428 out of Phoenix to Dallas. Eventually we will get to Louisville! Don't worry! You will see a lot of Louisville when you make it out here. You will love it!!

Well, I hope that you are doing well in there and that I am making your accommodations as comfortable as possible. I am trying to drink more straight water even though it really makes me gag. I mix it up with decaf tea and vitamin waters. Hopefully you are getting enough fluids. I'm doing the best I can with my stomach still being wrecked!

We are telling your big sister tonight about you! I think she is going to be super excited and I am sure it will make you feel better that she knows a ton about babies. She loves babies! So I will be relying on her to help me learn about what to do with you when you are here! She will be a great help and I think you guys will really get along well.

Nothing more right now cashew. Let's go get ready for our big trip! Well, not much to pack for you other than my new maternity clothes and a couple of belly bands! Wow! You are an easy travel companion at the moment.

Daddy and I love you!

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  1. I'm curious to know how Taytum took the news... I guess well if she was rubbing your stomach all weekend! haha