Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 weeks, 3 days - Officially out of first tri!

Well, here I am! I made it out of the dreaded, scary first trimester! Whew that took forever! But with that behind us and the NT Scan results back as "normal", we are feeling our excitement grow more and more.

Today I had an appointment for a check up. Dr Hutch wasn't there - she was called away for an emergency surgery. So I ended up with another lady in her office who was super nice. Again I had to pee on a stick and, again, I peed on my hand a little. When will I ever figure out where the spout is? The stick looked good.

I was sent into one of the sonogram rooms and thought that I was about to see cashew after a week. No such luck. No pics of cashew this time. This appointment was to check on the heart rate and the measurement of my uterus - which she did with a measuring tape on the outside of my stomach.

While she was doing the measurement she had to feel around on my stomach to find the top of my uterus (gross, huh?). She made me feel like a million bucks when she said, "wow! Nice ab muscles." Yay!!! Although I slacked on working out for a month or so, I've been back into it now for about a week. That just made me feel really good about my muscle tone!

After the measurement - which was only told to me as "perfect" - she used a little handheld device and some gel to find the heartbeat. She searched for a few minutes (probably more like a few seconds) and I began to have a bad feeling, like something was wrong. I think I always have a little apprehension at these appointments. I mean, even though I am in the "safer" second tri, anything can happen before and/or during the birth. It ain't over til it's over, ya know?

But she finally found it towards the top of my belly button (way too close for comfort for me - I hate things around my belly button). It was a loud, solid heartbeat. Slosh, slosh, slosh...140 was the heart rate which she simply stated as "absolutely perfect." Whew! Good news.

My clothes are definitely tighter but my weight is down as per the scale today. But the nurses didn't seem concerned. They said that some women gain, some women lose but it will start to average out towards the end of my second tri or so. Of course, my first reaction when I see the numbers on the scale decrease is to celebrate! But now I get concerned. But no one else seemed to be so I moved on.

As I was saying, my clothes are definitely tighter. I am an addicted fan of the bella band that allows you to keep your pants unbuttoned without them falling down. Brilliant! I think this band will also be put to good use post-baby when I am out having some greasy poppers with beers! If my pants get too tight, pop the button and put the band over the opening. Done! Someone sure is rich by keeping it simple stupid! I mean, really! It merely looks like a tube top (but lighter weight) that you put over your stomach and then fold over the top of your pants. Good goin' girlfriend!!

So, speaking of weight...when you see this picture, you are going to wonder how the hell I am losing lbs instead of gaining because I look like I just left a keg party. Don't ask me! I guess I am losing on my limbs and butt and balancing out with the gut.

This is 13 weeks straight up wearing my gym clothes...
13 weeks

Yikes, huh? I don't think I look pregnant...just beer bellyish. And, honestly? I think I instinctually sucked in my gut like I always do before a camera snaps!! I do it without even thinking about it but I can't suck it in much...if at all...anymore.

So the doc office said that I have to do more blood work July 9 - two days post my trip home. It is to test for Spina Bifida. I said, "will they take it out of my finger?" She half-laughed and said "no, out of your arm." Evil woman. When will the poking end? The next poke after this one better be the one in my back to relieve me from the hella pain...

My next appointment with Hutch will be July 16. I think this is when we would be able to hear what the sex will be but we aren't going to find out. But I am excited to get more pics of cashew to add to the collection! I suppose I will be about 17 weeks by that appointment.

More to come...

Dear Cashew,

What are you doing in there, man? Running a marathon? Your heart was beating so loud and clear! But that is definitely a GREAT thing! I was hoping it was beating correctly and the doc says it was! I was smiling the whole time, trying not to laugh so she could hear it correctly. Partly because it kinda tickled and mostly because I couldn't believe there was a heart in my body other than mine! I know you probably don't understand what I'm saying. Heck, you can't even read, speak English or even hear anything yet. But it is pretty wild to have a replica of yourself in a smaller version in your stomach.

I was hoping to get pics of you today but no-go. I know we will get plenty more so that's ok. I've already registered for childbirth classes in late October/early November and they had electives I could take which I chose breastfeeding, infant CPR and infant care. I want to be sure I know what the heck to do when you get here. Not to scare you but...I don't know one thing about babies. Not one. But you don't know one thing about being here so hopefully it will all balance out. I will take good notes and I will be holding your cousin, Londyn, which will be the first time I held a baby since I was probably 9 or so. That will give me some sort of practice I hope. Not to scare scared yet? Oh yeah, you can't read! Ha!

Well, I think you are telling me that we are hungry. I am feeling the usual symptoms of needing to eat. I will sign off for now and get you a nice baked potato and some broccoli. Might as well try to get some veggies in you now before you revolt at a later age!

Love you my little cashew,

PS...Daddy couldn't go with me today because he was out of town for work. He is a hard worker and does so much to keep us comfortable. He loves you so much already and always tells me to tell you HI for him. =]

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  1. That was hysterical about your beer belly and the contraption that holds your pants up. Just a tip a rubber band through the button hole will do the trick too. Not to scare you but just to warn you, at around 24 weeks or so you will have a glucose test where they will draw blood. At least you have a heads up about that one. The letters to cashew is so endearing. She will love that when she grows up!