Thursday, June 25, 2009

My head is definitely in my uterus...or at least in the baby room!

Last night was a night dedicated to figuring out what we want in the nursery. I felt now would be a good time for this since we are planning on getting started when we get back from our Louisville trip. I ended up with two options depending on what will fit in the room. T is going to CAD it out to see what fits and what will make it look too cluttered. I want the room to be open without a lot of furniture in it. I love uncluttered space so that's the ultimate goal - serene and uncluttered.

Here are some of my ideas at this time. Always subject to change. Luckily, when priced out, it falls within the budget T has created for the new room.

Option 1:
I thought it would be nice to have a separate changing table from the dresser. The one and only reason for this is my anal retentive self. The way the organization is working in my head right now is that the dresser would be for clothes only (and can be used as cashew grows up) and the changing table would only have changing essentials stored. This, of course, is not a necessity and I am still weighing it all out in my mind (option 2 is a dresser/changer combo).

Crib: I love this crib and the sleigh bed design. It perfectly matches our bed in the master bedroom which is located right next to the nursery. I wanted the furniture to match. This crib is IT. T and I both love it.

Changing table: I really like the open shelves because I love lined baskets. I just think that look is really cute. And this table also has the sleigh bed look and feel.

Four drawer dresser: This is part of the same set as the crib so everything should match perfect.

Glider/rocker: I just picked this one out because it had good reviews and looked comfortable. I am not necessarily sold on anything yet. But this was good enough to get a price and some dimensions.

Option 2:
Much more simplified and may be the way we go if the room looks too cluttered with option 1. In addition to the furniture that I am listing, I would also like a small nightstand next to the glider to place drinks, a lamp, etc. So we will need to take that into account as well. So this may be the option we choose.

Same crib (that's a given) and the changing table/dresser combo.

The glider idea and nightstand stays the same.

We still don't know what color paint we will use. I have to do some deep cleaning in that room (cleaning carpet, washing walls, etc.) especially since we used that room as a plant nursery and now it smells like onions! Haha! We do already have a ceiling fan (with lighting) that we will install. It is very contemporary looking (not baby'ish at all) so I am looking forward to getting that up and running. It should help the smell. We will need to install blinds and I might do a window treatment as well to soften it up a little.

My idea for on the walls - I want to put some cherry shelves on the wall for knick-knacks and what not. I also want to hang pictures of grandparents and great-grandparents - like a family wall (maybe a family tree type thing) - so that cashew never forgets about (and always sees) his Louisville family. I want to frame them in a cherry frame with a matte that will compliment the colors of the room. That's as far as I've gotten. Obviously, since we won't find out what cashew will be until his/her's birthday, it will all need to be neutral colors. I am starting to lean more towards the light greenish colors. But we will see. Maybe go take a look at some paint samples.

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