Tuesday, July 21, 2009

18 weeks

Well, not much to share at this point. I am battling with a head cold that is still keeping me up at night but I am usually up at night so it is just something else to deal with. My SIL may be having her baby any day now. My MIL is known (or suspected) within the family of having slight psychic abilities and she is predicting July 23 at 9 AM. I am hoping she is right because she is also predicting that we will have a boy!

Only small improvements have been made to the crap (now baby) room. Slowly cleaning out the stuff that isn't baby and trying to get it all organized before we paint. We haven't picked out a color yet. We just know it will be in the light green category.

I did work out this morning and I am still encountering gawkers. There was an old guy on the machine next to the one I was on that was making no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking at my stomach! I wasn't very happy about it and wanted to do the same to him...but I just couldn't risk my eye sight to look at such a thing. Ok, that was mean. But it is also mean to stare!!

Anyway, I may be a little on the cranky side because I can't breathe through my nose and my throat is raw from coughing. But I still did an 18 week pic for those who are keeping score!

Here ya go!

Dear Cashew,

This letter may be short because I am dealing with watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose and I am out of water for my sore throat. None of this is your fault, by any means. But it does make me feel run down and, with the rest of my energy going to you and your health, I don't have much left for mine. But that's ok. As long as you're healthy.

Today I started feeling some things in my stomach that, well, didn't feel like gas bubbles. I am starting to think that I am feeling you move around in there a bit! It is pretty exciting! I can't wait until Daddy can feel you too! Or until I get a good kick in the pants to let me know you are doing well!

Your cousin is due into the world any day now. I saw her move around in your Aunt Lauren's belly yesterday. I must say, it is kinda creepy! I am sure it will be hard for me to get used to at first when you start doing that but I am sure it will be hard for you to get used to the close quarters in there!! Hope you're not clausterphobic!!

That's going to be all for now. I am going to rest and try to blow my nose until I can find a small opening in which to breathe. Oh, and did you have me dream about chocolate chocolate chip cookies with creme filling? I haven't stopped thinking about them! I don't even like sweets cashew! That's how I know it's you!

Love you bunches!
Mommy and Daddy

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