Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a quick note...

I saw today on Facebook, another friend of mine from high school has just had a baby. From what I can tell by reading between the lines, it is about 4 months old. She was in the same class as me so I am assuming she is about my age. It is so refreshing and awesome to see so many women my age or older starting families. I think times really are changing and people are focusing on their careers (and themselves) in their 20s and then settling down and starting families in their 30s when they are more secure in life. It was awesome to see that information! She just joined so she doesn't have any pics up but I can't wait to see them!

My SMom gave me a book while I was in Louisville called - 100 Things I Hate About Pregnancy - or something to that affect. I may start putting some of them in here because they are funny but one that is SO true is the language that some people use when it comes to being pregnant (and I have adopted a couple because, if you don't use some of them, pregnant people look at you weird). I was reminded of some of these hated terms when I found some on an email that is sent to me weekly from a baby website.

Words that irk me:
> Preggers
> Preggo
> Belly (this is the one I use)

The funny thing about "belly" is that I have NEVER called my stomach my "belly". And, just like the book says (which the above words were hated in there too), your stomach becomes a "belly" when you are pregnant. I guess it sounds softer than my description of it - stomach, abs, gut. I started adopting that word in my vocabulary - even though it makes me gag on bile when I say it - because it is kinda frowned upon if you call the pod that a precious little angel baby is in a "gut". So I adapt to the girly ways. But the other two I refuse to EVER say and hate with a true passion. But to each their own. But the book is really funny and I can relate to so much of it!!

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying I hate pregnancy (I don't want any flaming comments that I am a horrible, cruel, evil, non-woman who hates everything about it). There are some good things about it. But there are also a lot of pain in the butt things too (literally at times) so that's probably why the book was written in the first place!

That's all! Cashew and I are going to work out for 1.5 hours and then relax by (or in) a pool with Auntie Amber. Should be a great Friday! I will probably have to run by Walmart on the way home to pick up a couple of grocery items but then I will be in for the night. Maybe I will watch a movie tonight!! That would be fun and low key.

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