Sunday, July 19, 2009

17w 6d: Bought our ottoman and...

Well, last night I woke up at my usual god-awful-thirty with tingly toes, a full bladder and a new problem...a sore throat. Very sore. After relieving my bladder and squeezing my feet, I found that there was going to be more keeping me awake than just the usual crap. I started coughing and then realized my nose was completely stopped up...yet running...out of one nostril. So up I went again to grab some Kleenex (actually, a scrap of toilet paper but isn't it funny how we call anything we wipe our nose with 'Kleenex'?). After a bit of time tossing and turning, coughing and blowing my nose, I decided to take my pillow and head downstairs so that T could get some sort of good night sleep.

Today started out a pretty lazy day. I felt (and still feel) like dog poop and my energy level is next to non-existent. I took a shower hoping for some relief but nothing. We headed out to Boston's Pizza for lunch and then decided to take a drive to get some fresh, hot-ass-oven air. As we were driving, we - of course - began talking about cashew (as we seem to do a lot lately). We talked about what kind of outfit we are going to take him/her home in - will it be pink or blue. We decided that we would get one of each and that way we will be prepared for either! I mean, it isn't that expensive anyway so why not?

That led us to Baby's R Us - the once intimidating store that has now become almost as familiar as Target to me. I showed him the convertible car seat that his Mom bought us for our shower (which hasn't happened yet but she bought it for us while we were shopping together). It isn't the one that T and I originally picked out but I think we like this other one better!

Then we browsed past the maternity clothes to see if there were any items on sale. There were but I am just not too keen on buying too many maternity clothes just yet. Especially since I will be larger in the fall and winter so I may want to hold off until then...I don't know. I just have a hard time buying clothes that have panty hose material that goes over my belly. Right now the few pairs of pants/shorts I have along with my elastic skirts and bella band is doing me well.

Next we headed over to look at gliders. When I was at this very store with Steph, I did find a glider that I really liked AND it was in the same wood stain as our furniture and the cushions the same color as our bedding. Meant to be, right? Steph and I asked when we were there before if they had it in stock. It was on sale for $150 off which really got it to a good price. They didn't have it in stock. That was ok because I wanted to get the bosses approval first anyway.

I showed it to T and, after sitting in some of the other gliders, I really felt like that was the one. It reclines smoothly and rocks with the ottoman. It has side pockets for storage and just looks very nice and stylish. T was very comfortable buying it since our other furniture came in under the pre-determined budget. So we bought it! It should be in the store in a couple of weeks and we will go pick it up. I am pretty excited. This was the last "large" furniture piece that we needed to purchase. Here it is:



And, what's really funny is, here is a pic of when we went to BRU with Mom in Louisville. I am sitting in the exact chair but in a different color. The one we bought is like the one that is next to the one I am in!


I am very excited about the glider. I told T that he may think I have lost my mind when he walks by cashew's room and sees me in there in the comfy chair...before cashew even gets here! Haha!

Finally, we went looking for the "take home" outfit. I am all for a Steelers onesie to take them home in whether it is a girl or a boy. But we thought something cutesy would be in order. Funny how I navigate straight to the boy's clothes!! For being a girl, it surprises me how much I enjoy shopping for boy things over girl things. I guess it is because I have never been a real "girly" girl and pink kinda makes me gag after looking at it for a while. I think, even if I do have a girl, she won't be wearing a lot of pink. Nothing against those who love pink...I'm just not one of them.

So we found a boy "take home" outfit that we thought was really cute! Since it will be around Xmas time, we figured we should look for something warm. We found some khaki colored corduroys and a cute sweater that has dark brown, light brown and blue stripes. It has buttons down the front that are shaped like teddy bear heads. So cute! And, you know what? We stopped there. We kinda looked at girl stuff but didn't really find anything that we cared for...or maybe we just didn't look hard enough. I asked T, you don't think that I am going to be severely disappointed if it comes out a girl do you? He said no. I would get over it real quick. I'm sure he's right. I am thinking that it is going to be a girl now since we are really thinking its a boy. Everybody thought I was going to be a boy too when my Mom was pregnant. Welp, look what happened! But no pink!!

After we left BRU with great purchases, we did a drive by of the Lexus dealership so that T could look at "our future vehicle." I swear, one of these days, I will come home from somewhere and it will be in our driveway. The one we like is still in the lot. It is a one year old used SUV but it sure is nice!!! Here is the model he likes...but the used one is in a deep red color and is fully loaded with built in DVD/LCD monitors for the backseat, etc.



The nice thing is that the back "hatch" opens to the side instead of up and down. We really like that feature a lot. And the used one has a spoiler on the back and other nice features. This purchase is a little further down the line but, with the possibility of new departments coming under T's leadership and his review coming up (possible raise), I wouldn't be surprised to be surprised!!

Then we headed home and that's where we are now. Looks like a storm may roll through but I may or may not be awake to see it. I am feeling very run down and my head feels full and heavy. I am thinking jammies are on the horizon as well as a TV/couch potato night.

Dear Cashew,

We bought the last piece of furniture today to complete your room. I may still get a small bookcase and some other little odds and ends but the big stuff is done. We bought the chair that you will probably learn to appreciate a lot as we spend many hours of many nights together in it. Don't worry, it is easy to clean for the occasional puke bursts.

I kinda thought I felt something this morning. Was it you? It didn't feel like my usual gas felt like something moving in there. I got excited but not too much so until I know for sure. I can't wait to feel you move in there. Although it will take me a little time to get used to it. It's kinda weird to think about something rolling around in there!! Usually it is just left over lunch or sloshy liquid. Not a life form. Kinda seems a little alien'ish. But I am looking forward to that reassurance that you are doing ok.

We bought you a very cute outfit for your trip home...if you're a boy. If you're a girl, don't worry. We will find something for you. No matter what you are, you will be wearing some Steelers onesies not long after arriving home! Especially if we make it in the Super Bowl again. I am going to be sure you are well equipped. I may even swaddle you in a Terrible Towel!!! How about that??

Well, I am going to rest now. I hope this cold doesn't affect you too bad. Sorry for all the snot that might be making its way through the ol' umbilical. I'm trying to blow my nose as much as possible but I am sure some of it is sliding down your way. I hear that my immune system is not functioning at full power since all my body energy is focused on your well being so it may take a bit to kick this but I will. No worries.

Your 18 week gestational birthday is coming up in a couple of days! Exciting huh? We are almost half way to the end. Hang in there cashew!

Love you always,

PS...Daddy says that he isn't fond of gliders because it makes him feel queasy (probably not as bad as I felt for a while) but I bet we will find him in it when he is holding you. He is very excited to see you, as am I. We are hoping that your big sister will be able to make our big appointment August 4 to see you on the screen. We will all be waving to you!!

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