Thursday, September 24, 2009

Domestic Dreams

Yesterday was a fun day with my MIL.  We went to lunch and then headed out to look for material to make a valance for Cashew's room.  Yes, you heard me right.  "Make" a valance for Cashew's room.  No, I still don't know how to sew even though my SMom gave me a nice sewing machine as a gift many moons ago.  I have always wanted to learn but never really set out to learn it.  Well, this is the project that will launch me into the world of stereotypical housewife/stay at home mom...yep, I am going to learn how to sew! 

Walking into Hancock Fabrics is as foreign to me as Babies R Us was before I was pregnant (well, it is still pretty daunting).  I have no idea what I am looking at...I had no idea there were books with patterns in them (but I did have periodic flashbacks of when my Mom used to sew my clothes for me - remember Mom?).  I couldn't believe all of the things you can sew!  I don't know why I was so amazed but I became very excited to learn how to do this new craft so that I could make the cute onesie for Cashew or the super cute bag for me!  Maybe I will even learn how to sew on buttons so that we don't have to toss shirts when a button falls off!  Wow!  Look out June Cleaver!

We picked out a pattern - the first one we picked wasn't the final decision.  It had to be put on a board and started sounding too difficult for the trial run.  But I am glad that it didn't work out because it led to the pattern that we did pick.  I originally thought I would just go with a valance.  No curtains or shades.  But, after seeing this pattern, I really like the idea of having a shade that will roll down in front of the blinds.  I feel like it will really soften the room and also help darken the room during nap time.  If there is such a thing!

The pattern is the top right:

Of course, if I am going to really get into this sewing frenzy, I am going to need to polish up on my math skills!  Luckily Steph knew what she was doing so she could walk the walk and talk the talk with the Hancock lady (who was very nice and helpful).  What are the dimensions of the window?  How many inches is that?  Which equals how many yards?  But then there will be a seam...what about "finishing?"  I stood there just petting the fabric (it is so pretty), nodding and listening without having a clue!  But I did follow along pretty well and even made a couple of good suggestions (I was very proud of myself).

Here is the material that we picked out.  As you all know from personal experience I'm sure, the colors don't come across like they really are in the picture.  But everything is in the brown family and the little "nubby" things on the shade material has just a tint of green which will tie in nicely with the walls and bedding.  We haven't bought the ribbon or the rod yet.  Because the window in that room is a non-standard 6' wide window, there will be three ribbons versus two.  Not sure what color we will go with yet.  I think we want to see it in some sort of completion before deciding.  I am thinking a dark brown.  We will be lining the shade fabric (the one with the nubbies) with the darker brown that will be used for the valance so, when the shade is rolled up, the rolled up part will match the valance.

Here is the fabric:
To the right is the fabric for the valance - a chocolate brown with ever so slight texture.
To the left is the shade fabric - a lighter fabric in color and weight but will be lined with the fabric on the right.

A close up of the shade fabric - it's not THAT gold...that was thanks to the flash

While we were out, I stopped by Big Lots to look for a bin to put extra yarn in to help keep our closet organized.  While there, I spotted this cute metal art on sale for $6.  I think we will put it over the doorway inside Cashew's room:


Steph is coming back over next Wednesday (the day before I head home to see my family!!  YAY) so that we can start the process of cutting and whatnot.  I doubt we will start sewing that day...or maybe we will...I'm not sure what all goes into it, to be honest.  But I am very excited to learn this new craft!!  And to use my machine that has been sitting so patiently in the closet waiting to be loved.

Here I am, opening the door to the world of domestic bliss (or something like that)...I am sure I will stub my toe on the door frame!

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed!! haha I don't know SQUAT about sewing either! I used to help my grandma when I was younger but that was so long ago and I'm sure sewing machines have come a long way since then. I can sew a button though! Although I prefer to let James handle that...I'm not so patient with crafts that require steady hands. Good luck next week! It's nice to have someone who can show you the ropes.