Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 8, Day 0: Tired of being sick and tired

I should look back on old posts and see where I am talking about not having any nausea and my concern that I didn't have any. Well, over the past two weeks or so, I have sure made up for lost time. Every day I seem to have a bout of queasiness and I always feel tired. I really am getting tired of feeling this way. I went to the gym today and noticed that I can't lift as much weight as I used to and doing cardio is becoming more of a chore than before. But I am not going to stop working out. I will push myself and make myself do it because it is so good for you and because I want to be able to snap back quickly after I become bigger than a house.

I think I am getting overly frustrated because I don't "feel" pregnant. I don't look pregnant. But I have to act pregnant and be sick all the time. I have to sacrifice things I love and who I am to be an incubator. It can really wear on my nerves and my attitude is suffering. But I am hoping that my appointment next week will help me reconnect with everything. Maybe it will give me a new outlook. I think the unknown of the first tri and the unknown of possible abnormalities is keeping my excitement at bay. Maybe that's ok for now.

Anyway, I don't have much of an update...not much new at this point. But I did want to welcome any new readers that heard the news from my Chronicles blog. Shhhh - it's still a secret.

Five more weeks until the safe zone...

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