Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 7, Day 0: May 4, 2009

Today I finally decided to start my official blog to document this happy occasion. I was doing my "entries" in word format but it was becoming difficult to keep track of everything. Only a few people will have access to this site (by the means of me giving out the address) until another 5 or so weeks pass by but this will make it easier for me to keep up with my entries.

Today marks 7 weeks according to all of the pregnancy tickers and things of the sort. I do believe my doctor calculates it differently so, on her scale, I may be a few days shy of 7 weeks. Either way, I passed my first milestone of 6 weeks which is when my miscarriage happened last December. I was thinking this morning how ironic, or plain strange, it is that I may be delivering this baby around the same time I had my miscarriage before. Within a few days possibly. I don't know why this came to mind but it did.

Everything seems to be going ok. All my big talk about not getting morning sickness (and the worry I had because I didn't have it) has come around and bitten me in my rear! I have been nauseous for days - almost a week - now and it just comes and goes whenever it likes. I feel sick if I don't eat and I feel sick if I do. Sometimes I don't feel sick at all but that's usually when I feel very tired. T has been very understanding about my lack of motivation and my new found laziness - he keeps reminding me that my body is working extra hard right now. But it is still frustrating for this workaholic girl to feel like she can't complete her chores, doesn't want to fix dinner (can you imagine), and falls into a coma no later than 10 every night on the couch. Not to mention my shortness of breath when I work out and the fact that I feel weaker than I have ever been when I am lifting weights. But, never fear, I am listening to my body. It is a loud talker and I must do what it says at all costs. When I start feeling faint or lightheaded, I slow down. I may be crazy but I am hardly stupid...

So Wednesday is our next visit and it will be the doozie. No getting out of things this time. Full exam followed by blood work. Man, my hands started sweating instantly when I typed that. I am bound and determined to make it look effortless and to make T proud. That will be my goal. The sooner I have it done, the better I will be and the longer it will be before I have to do it again. If I could just get through the "doing it" stage without the cold chills and body aches that I am already feeling as I talk about it!

This visit will also be interesting because of that "second sack" possibility. I am thinking it won't be there this time. I just hope that, whatever is there, is stuck there and growing correctly. I am terrified of going in to find out that things aren't going well and that everything is coming to an end. Absolutely terrified. So, needless to say, Wednesday is D Day for me. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time.

Other than that, I am still null and void of all caffeine other than my one 20 oz Circle K tea on Sunday mornings, of course no alcohol - even during the largest national holiday of Kentucky, the Derby, and trying to eat the best I can without hurling. So I feel like things are moving along.

I just realized that I may have my parents in town for Christmas this year!!!! All traditions may have to be shifted this year because of a new Grandkid! Come on out, folks! You will love the desert at Christmas!!! Leave your heavy coats at home! =]

Dear Baby Apple Seed,

It is amazing that we reached our first milestone. We have many more to go but I have confidence we can do it. Well, honestly I worry constantly that something will happen so maybe my confidence isn't steadfast. But prove me wrong! Isn't that what kids always want to do anyway? Prove their parents wrong? Go for it! I endorse it at this point and will condemn it later in your teenage years!

We are looking forward to seeing a little alien you on Wednesday. Dr. Hutch says that we should be able to see some "fluttering" this visit which I am pretty sure is your early heartbeat. All of my books say that this is a very productive week for you. You are having a major growth spurt and will develop little limbs that will resemble fins for a bit. Maybe you will be a good swimmer!

Hang in there, apple seed. Daddy is sure you are a boy and says that you take after him. He is overly confident that you will grow big and strong and won't be brought down by any means! Just like Daddy. But, in case you are a girl, don't worry. Daddy is a sucker for girls! You will definitely be treated as a princess and will probably have the best car on the market at 16! But don't count on dating for quite a while. You may have to move out first.

We can't wait to see you Wednesday. We will give you a wave and blow you a kiss like the cheesy weirdos that we are. Poor may decide to stay in there!


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