Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 7, Day 1: The Appointment

Well, D Day has come and gone. My arm still feels the twinges of where the needle was inserted to give Dr. Dracula their taste for blood. I will get to that fun part in a bit. First was the doctor exam that included a pap smear (boys, be glad you are boys) and an internal ultrasound.

I must admit, I couldn't decide what I was most nervous about, the bloodwork or the possibility of not seeing a heartbeat on the ultrasound. First things first. They had to weigh me in. 142.8 - not sure if I should be sharing my muscular weight with the world but that's where I am now and it will be interesting to see that number increase over the next several months!!

After the weigh in, I was given a test strip that looks similar to what you would test the chlorine in your pool with and told to hit the head. Isn't it ironic that women have to pee on or in strange items and guys don't? And guys are made in a way that would certainly improve aim (or so you would think - others may beg to differ based on toilet rims). Well, putting a Dixie cup down there to catch some pee to dip a stick in is no easy task. And I had the extreme pleasure of wetting my hand. Just lovely. It is quite a trick to abonish that hand while you try to sit the cup down, dip the stick, wipe and pull up your pants. Made me wonder if there was a hidden camera in that bathroom recording these funny mishaps for the next OB GYN convention!

When Dr Hutch came in, she was as bubbly as always and said that, even though I had a pap in October (good for me, huh??), she was going to go ahead and do another to be safe (welp, so much for 'good for me'). That procedure is certainly something I do not enjoy and one that I have never done in front of anyone other than the doctor - until today. T was able to experience the joys of a pap! But Hutch is a pro - it goes by very quick with very little to NO discomfort whatsoever.

After my pap, she took the magic wand with an interesting condom cover to my lower nethers (I don't know what that means but it sounded classier than other options). She turned on the monitor and you could sense everyone taking a deep breath of air as she made her way through the tunnel to see the seed.

First off, there IS only one seed!!! No twins this go around! We are looking at a single seed growing in there. We were very relieved, to be honest, that we are a singleton family! And, as for our developing seed...

...I couldn't believe it. Really couldn't believe it. Right away you could see an obvious flutter! It looked strong and steady...and beautiful. Do you know that it is actually LESS THAN a half an inch and it already has a heartbeat. Unbelieveable. It certainly had me staring and T was so excited I thought he was going to explode!

She says the seed is measuring perfect with my timeline - 7 w and 1 d. This may be a day or something off from what my posts reflect but it is definitely the new timeline. She also gave me a new due date of 12/22 instead of 12/21....all that much closer to Christmas. Pack your sleighs, my awesome parents, you are going to be spending Christmas in the desert!!! =]

Here are some images of the seed. You are looking at the round tear drop shape that is the gestational sack. Inside the sack you will see a circle that may look like a head at first glance. It isn't. It is the yolk sack which essentially is the forming placenta. The shape that looks linked to the yolk sack is our apple seed...Dr Hutch called it a cashew. On the third pic, if you look real close, you will see crosshairs that illustrate the head to the tail.




And here is a look at me at 7 weeks. I think I am a little bloated because I demanded a caramel shake today!! I can't tell if it is bloat or a slight bit of "showing":

Ok, so the moment I am sure you all want to hear about - the bloodwork. I told Todd, I sure get on my own nerves with this ridiculous phobia. But it's here and it's real. Dr Hutch didn't mention anything about bloodwork while we were in the exam room and I sure wasn't going to bring it up - she knows best! But, as we were leaving, they gave me a cute bag with some samples in it and, low and behold, paper work to take over to the lab next door for....bloodwork. I asked them if I needed to have it done today and they explained that I could have it done anytime before my next two weeks.

I am sure you know what through my mind...two weeks? I will just wait! But T did the right thing and guided me over to the neighboring lab to go ahead and get it done. I was terrified during the wait. Every time the door leading to the back would open, I felt my butt cheeks clench and the wave of nausea hit my throat. When the lady at the front desk called my name, I about jumped out of my skin. She was only needing my insurance card but I was still a little shaken. She also gave me a cup to pee in. Really? More pee? I just peed a cup full (and a handful) at Hutch's office.

I sat back down and waited anxiously for my turn. When they finally called me back, I took my ipod and headed toward the door. I told the lady immediately that I am a fainter and need to lie down. She guided me into a room...that already had someone in it. There was a man in the room sitting in what looked like an electric chair. How I have to be brave not only for myself and in front of the lab folks but also some homeless looking fellow in the electric chair. I wasn't too thrilled.

Luckily, he was done with his vampire session before mine started. I was so frozen with fear that I didn't even get the headsets on for my ipod. Next time I am definitely going to be sure I have that detail taken care of before the paper begins to unwrap to expose the needle. The lady had me lay down on a paper covered table. She wrapped that horrible rubber torture device around my bicep and told me to make a fist. I should have a rule book for these folks so they understand how I operate. As soon as you touch my arm with a rubber band, my hand is paralyzed and unable to make a fist.

After making me spit out my gum, after two wraps of the torture band, and after an eternity of vein tapping the guy helping my lady warned me "here comes a strong pinch." And it was. I focused on my breathing and just tried to keep my sanity (and consciousness) during the procedure that felt like an hour (when it was probably only a minute). I guess things weren't flowing smoothly because they asked me if I had any water before the procedure. Not to mention it took forever to get it done.

When it was all complete, the lady wrapped a big wad of tape around my arm. That is such bad news for me. It feels as tight as the torture band and makes my hand completely numb. But I just wanted out of there. She helped me sit up and directed me to the bathroom to do my pee sample. So I went. And then I the cup and, yes, on my hand. I sure hope I get better at this before the end of this pregnancy! I have to pee in a cup every visit!!

Once I made it out to the waiting area, I didn't speak a word. Only grabbed my things (including T) and briskly made my way out of that hell of a place. Once outside, I screeched to T to loosen the tape on my arm. During the process it fell off and that was fine with me. On to the car we went. I instantly started tearing up and realized that I felt very sick to my stomach. As we rode around to get to lunch, I was anticipating a pit stop in the bike lane for me to hurl. But it didn't happen.

So that's my blood story. I may need to experience this excitement again in 4 weeks. We have decided to do the NT scan at 11 weeks. This will help us determine if the apple seed has Downs Syndrome or Trisomy. They scan for these conditions after 11 weeks and before 13 weeks. So I have more time to stress!

Our next appointment is May 19 for another internal ultrasound. This shouldn't be a concern - it is more for our piece of mind. I must admit that I am looking forward to seeing how much it will have grown by then.

Dear Baby,

Wow! We saw your heartbeat today! You are less than an inch long and you already have a heartbeat. It is so incredible. Maybe I am biased because I am incubating you, but it sure looked like a strong little heart! Daddy and I both think that you are quite the trooper and that you are in it for the long haul!! We are very glad about that.

I will admit that my logical mind is keeping me from being overly excited until you and I get out of the dreaded first trimester. But Daddy keeps telling me that he is confident you will be ok and still believes that you are a boy! I am so glad that he, as well as your grandparents, are all feeling positive vibes about you and me. We have some other milestones to accomplish but we will. One day at a time.

Your Aunt Lauren and Uncle Ryan took the furniture that was in what was previously called the craft (or crap) room. So now it is a bit more empty than before. It was kind of exciting taking that furniture out and thinking about the possibility of the furniture that may go in soon. Your furniture.

The next time I see you will be May 19. I will be at 9 weeks and you will be 7 weeks old. I am looking forward to seeing your heart beat again. Hang in there, our little apple seed...our little cashew. Today was a magical time, seeing your heart beat. Let's make more magical moments together!


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