Friday, December 4, 2009

So I thought it was nesting...

...but I think it is just my straight up OBSESSION of having a clean and organized house!  I kept thinking that I was experiencing that "symptom" of pregnancy known as nesting where the pregnant woman acts like some sort of bird preparing the nest for the new arrival.  Nah.  It is just my usual obsessiveness with being clean...especially around the holidays and, even more so when my parents are coming in town to be with us.

Maybe the extra energy that is coming out from who knows where to do everything that I need to get done is some sort of "nesting" instinct.  Because, I know this for sure, my body - while fighting this frustrating head cold and trying to stand upright with so much weight out front - would love to sit, lay or otherwise just be comatose for the next three weeks.  But my brain is on fire and ready to get everything done - including Christmas projects and preparing the house for both Cashew and my family - which has been a true life saver.  I am even finishing the book for my book club that is meeting on Sunday.  Some days I feel overwhelmed to tears and yet other days I feel amazingly "on top" of everything.

So, nope, I don't think I have my beak hacking away at strands of hay to make the perfect nest for Cashew.  I just think that I want our "nest" to always look spic and span no matter what (I have the philosophy that I don't ever want to be embarrassed if someone were to "pop in")...and, I mean, isn't that my job after all??

My progress report...I can't go into detail about some of my projects because there are some who are reading this that may be getting something for Christmas from my project list.  But I can say that I am 90% there on my larger projects and should be able to get them all 100% completed by the end of this weekend.  T is going to work on the outdoor lights and organizing the garage this weekend.  I completely cleaned the refrigerator today and will be making our frozen dinners early next week.  I am 85 - 90% done with Christmas shopping.  We will probably do some of that next week around T's work schedule.  Cashew's room only needs a few things hung on the walls and the window treatment completed (which I am putting kinda low on the priority list at the moment).  Final BIG grocery trip with everything we will need for snacks and such while company is here will be completed the week after next.  And, between projects (and during projects), I am maintaining the house doing my usual chores and keeping up with laundry.  Just gotta keep on movin.  As a matter of fact, I am roping Tay into doing some projects with me tomorrow to keep her busy while I finish a few things.  Should be fun!!

I must say that I am totally fine with my due date, if not later.  The inevitable exit of this large mass is starting to become real and the "not knowing" when is really hard on my planner mentality.  I need deadlines for getting things done but, not knowing what might happen tomorrow or five weeks from now is very hard on me.  But I am doing the best I can.  The most I can hope for is that I get everything done in time to have a good week or so of not worrying about anything other than visiting with my family!!  I guess that's my goal, if it is at all possible to have one.

Well, this just took exactly 13 minutes out of my day's progress so I need to get back to it.  Especially since we will be leaving soon to pick up Tay and run a couple of errands.  I can't wait to share pics with you of T's new creation he is building.  I absolutely LOVE it!!  What a handy man he is!!!  He is so creative and crafty.  I will share as soon as it is done which should be later today or later this weekend (depending when I am able to get back on here to post).

Back to the madness otherwise known as me!!!

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  1.'re not nesting, you're just CRAZY!! BUT it's great that you're still feeling good enough to be all gung-ho like you are, I'm happy about that :) I do hope you're able to at least relax all of next week because you know what the week after that is right?! My birthday! haha, just's Cashew's birthday!!!! Well, that is if you don't have him THIS Saturday like I predicted, yipes!! Love you!