Thursday, August 27, 2009

Up, up, up with the sun

With my strange sleeping patterns lately, it is amazing that I can put two words together, nevermind a full sentence. However, this morning, as I watched the sunrise, a poem popped into my head that I may use with Cashew. It would be like a good morning poem to get everyone going (of course, this isn't for infancy although I could possibly still read it to them and do the motions with them).

I was thinking that there would be hand, arm and body movement to go with it to really make it interactive and fun. Don't judge me on my lack of rhyming skills. I am certainly not going to print with this poem. It is just for Cashew, Daddy and me. But I thought I would share...

Up, up, up

Up, up, up comes the sun
It’s face glowing bright
Its rays reach wide
Waving goodbye to the night.

Up, up, up are the birds
Singing their morning song.
They flap their wings
As they soar happily along.

Up, up, up are the trees
Their branches reach high
To embrace the light
From the morning sky.

Up, up, up are the doggies
Their tails wagging fast
A quick trip outside
And then breakfast at last.

Up, up, up are the kitties
They stretch and they yawn
Excited to play
And watch birds on the lawn.

Up, up, up little (name)
It’s time for the day
Time to get ready
To have fun, learn and play.

Up, up, up with your arms
Stretch to the sky
Turn in a circle
And blink each eye.

Up, up, up with your smile
Let’s get ready to go
Give out big hugs

Cuz you are loved more than you know!

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