Thursday, August 13, 2009

21 weeks, 2 days: All is well in Cashew land

We had our doctor appointment today and all sounds great! We had the doc assistant, not Hutch, but she is so super sweet too. No sonogram/ultrasound today but we did get to listen to the heartbeat. She had a heck of a time taking a listen because Cashew kept moving all over the place. A couple of times you would hear a "thump" the same time I felt the thump AND a couple of times we could SEE the thump on my belly! It was pretty cool!

His/her heart rate is great at 144. My blood pressure was 100 over 70 which she was very pleased about. My weight is right at 149 which is 7 lbs more that my pre-pregnancy weight. She was VERY happy about that and said I am all baby and uterus! I will be honest, it is still hard to see the scale at a higher number but I know it is inevitable.

I asked about the H1N1 (swine) flu since there was some concern about me flying home in October. She said no worries. She said, quite honestly, you can catch it anywhere, anytime. You just have to be rigorous about washing and sanitizing your hands and, if someone seems to be sick around you, move. But, as T said, he flies more than I do so, if this flu ends up in our house it could be from all of his travelling. But we will be (and always are) very careful and will do everything we can to keep from getting any flu bug. I don't want any of them.

Other than that, the appointment was pretty short and sweet. Quite literally since I grabbed a Starburst candy chew on the way out from their candy jar! I have grown to have a bit of a sugar tooth lately. And I am kinda craving brownies a little. But I am totally limiting that kind of junk so that I can make sure the scales don't get too out of control.

Our shelf for Cashew's room came last night so we are hoping to get that up today. Just another step closer to completion of that room. I'm glad all of the basics are done. Now it is just about decor odds and ends.

Tonight (5 PM our time) the Steelers have a preseason rematch with the Arizona Cardinals. I am so excited that football season is kicking up again. It will be a little different watching the games without a cold, frosty beer in hand but I will make due. I hope to have one (or so) in my hands by Super Bowl Sunday!!

That's all for now. Our next appointment is Sept 10. She mentioned that I will need to do my glucose test around that time as well. I said, they take the blood from my finger, right? She said, no, I don't think so. I think it is a blood draw (which always means from my arm). I am a little bothered by this but I am not going to let it get to me until closer to time. Maybe she is totally wrong. She is, you know, the assistant...haha!!

Dear Cashew,

You sure were a mover and a shaker today! You were giving the doc a run for her money! We heard you moving all around in there and it was music to our ears! I even saw a couple of kicks/jabs on the outside and Daddy got to feel a faint kick as well. You seem to really calm down when Daddy puts his hand on my belly so he usually misses the harder thumps. I think that's sweet, though, because it must mean his hand comforts you. It comforts me, too. We are so lucky to have him!

You heart rate sounds perfect and my health seems to be perfect so we are moving along quite well! Tonight will be your first lesson in football. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, Mommy needs you to LOVE football as much as she does! And, although Daddy will try to sway you to the Colts, you need to stick with Mommy. The Steelers is the team for you. Plus, I am the one that taught Daddy everything he needs to know and the traitor switched on me and started cheering for the Colts. Whatev. You and me...we will stick together! I already have my eyes on some Steeler onesies for you! If (I should say when) we make it to the Super Bowl again this season, you must be ready with your colors!!

Daddy and I are going to put your shelf up today in your room. It is quickly coming together with just a few more things here and there to make it "your" room. The only thing we will need to complete the whole project is YOU!

Well, have fun down there. If you can help it, try not to kick low. Sometimes it feels like you are kicking me in a pee spot and I almost don't make it to the potty. Oh, and watch the belly button too. You've come close a couple of times in that area and it kinda freaks Mommy out. Belly button touching is off limits.

I will feel you soon and will hear you again on September 10! We will be at 25 weeks then!

We love you always!
Mommy & Daddy

PS...give Daddy a good poke the next time he touches my belly. That will make his day.

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