Thursday, August 20, 2009 gym today

Looks like I will have to take a day off from the gym today. I am not very happy about this decision but I feel it is the right one.

I was moving along fine this morning until I had to stop and go to the bathroom. My stomach was very upset and, while I was dealing with that, I started getting very warm and sweaty. Then I started feeling lightheaded. I grabbed the towel that was hanging on the rack in front of me and put it under cold water. After tapping my face and neck with it, I started feeling a little better.

After I was done in the bathroom, I laid down for a couple of minutes. Cashew was doing some reassuring aerobics in my belly while I laid there trying to regain my strength. I got up after a couple of minutes and headed down to water the plants. I am feeling better now but still a I guess would be the right word. I think I actually could hit the gym and do ok, I feel like maybe I should just lay low today and go tomorrow instead.

I'm not worried about the dizziness and so on. I know all of that is pretty normal throughout the pregnancy. But I am definitely bummed that I have made the decision to not hit the gym. I hate breaking a routine. But I don't want to pass out at the gym either. I can see it on the midday news (which is a slow news time anyway), pregnant woman passes out and falls off of treadmill busting her head open. That would be my luck.

But, other than that, things are fine. I did purchase my first Hooter Hider yesterday. Tatum would be so proud! It was on sale for half off on so I figured, what the heck? It shows it has already shipped so it should be here any day. Who knows if breastfeeding will even work for me but here I am with a Hooter Hider.

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