Tuesday, August 25, 2009

23 weeks: The Good, The Bad, The Hormones

I finally made it to 23 weeks - time seems to be standing still as it has for months now. But I am trying my hardest to just enjoy the time being pregnant since this may (or may not) be my last time. But some days are harder than others.

I had a tough weekend. Tay wasn't feeling well and kept us up most of the weekend. My patience and compassion started jumping out the window (and I wasn't too far behind them) which made me really nervous about whether or not I even had a "mom" gene. I'm glad I didn't blog on Sunday as I had thought I might. Moms (and a few new Dads) would probably hunt me down with pitch forks and torches because I would be looked upon as evil. But I didn't post and I am grateful I didn't. Monday I felt a little better mentally and today I am back to watching the seconds tick on the clock and x'ing off days on the calendar. If I could just make it to October...maybe time would go a little faster...

Yesterday I went to visit a good friend of mine who just had her baby about three weeks ago. My friend looks GREAT - OMG she is so beautiful. I never would have imagined she JUST had a baby. She is definitely my idol!! Not to mention she is closer to my age which makes her even more my idol!! They live very close to us so I am excited about our kids hanging out together. She has a 2-1/2 year old son that is just adorable. Seeing him made my heart skip a beat and made me realize how happy I would be to have a boy (I know...healthy baby is the most important and I am not saying I wouldn't be happy with a girl...gotta cover my bases so that I don't get flamed). And her baby...and I am not one to think babies are that pretty in the beginning...is like a Gerber baby even this young. Anyway, congrats to the whole family once again and I can't wait for our babies to meet!!

After my visit, I headed to Fry's to pick up a few things. I usually shop at the Walmart close to us for groceries but Fry's happened to be on the way home and I didn't really want to hop on the freeway to hit Walmart. I was surprised at how some things are so much more expensive at Fry's while other things were such a great deal. There was a great sale on the produce - which looked a heck of a lot better than Walmart's produce - so I was excited about that! I stocked up on veggies and fruit. And, can I say...I am plum crazy over plums right now!! I already had one today and may end up having another before the night is up. I guess I never realized how delicious they are!!

Today was a tough day physically. I woke up at my usual 2 - 3 AM timeframe and had to go the bathroom. After that, as usual, I had a hard time going back to sleep. I ended up turning on the TV in the bedroom and watched a couple of episodes of Three's Company before I felt like I could drift back off to sleep. I don't think I have had a restful night sleep in weeks. I really don't. And it isn't so much about being uncomfortable. My belly isn't really big enough to make me uncomfortable yet. It is just not being able to sleep. Once I am awake, I am awake. It is pretty frustrating.

I got up this morning and had two...yes TWO...bowls of Special K cereal. I NEVER used to eat cereal and certainly not two bowls. I am noticing my appetite getting a bit stronger. After I ate my cereal, I became very flush and warm. I started feeling very light headed and a little dizzy. I went to lay down under the ceiling fan in the bedroom and fell asleep...for TWO hours!! I don't EVER do that! This all had me a little worried so I asked our family nurse (and wonderful friend) Linda what she thought could have caused this. She said my sugar level probably spiked after the cereal which made me feel that way. She didn't seem at all concerned so I am chalking it up to that. I mentioned that my appetite was getting a lot stronger which worried me. I don't want to gain a bunch of weight. She said to just be sure and make smart choices and gave me the suggestion of toast with peanut butter.

And to keep exercising! Which I did NOT do today. Actually, I didn't do much today. My nap through me off and I felt unmotivated and tired all day. A shower helped but it didn't boost my motivation in the least. I will need to catch up on my chores tomorrow as well as give Jackson a bath - he stinks and the groomer can't make it until next Tuesday. I might go for a walk this evening but even that sounds to laboring. It may be a veg'd out TV watching night. I hate that but I just can't seem to light that fire under my rear. No excuses. I am hitting the gym for the rest of the week!

I added another item to the nursery. My blanket rack came in. I need your opinions as to which side of the crib it should go:

This side:

Or this side:

Here is a closer look at the rack:

Now about Cashew. Here is a little bit about what's going on with him/her right now (as per BabyCenter.com):

"Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With her sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance. And now that she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see her squirm underneath your clothes. Blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that your baby's increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing her for entry into the outside world. Loud noises that become familiar now — such as your dog barking or the roar of the vacuum cleaner — probably won't faze her when she hears them outside the womb."


For me:
Weight gain: Haven't checked in a while. Last week I was up 8 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. I will check at the gym tomorrow.
Movement: I feel Cashew everyday...a lot! You can now see some movement on the outside and T can definitely feel movement as well.
Latest craving: FRUIT! Especially plums!!
Next milestone: Making it to 24 weeks
Next doc appt: Sept 10
Next needle poke in the arm for more blood: They will schedule my Gestational Diabetes screening at my next appt. So I have a few more weeks before the torture.
Sleeping: NO
Belly button: Shallow but not popped

This is a pic of me yesterday wearing actual clothes to go somewhere! Haha! I just wanted people to know that I don't always wear stretch pants and wife beaters.

22 weeks, 6 days

23 week pic in a pair of new maternity jeans that I love...oh the comfort!

That's all for now.

Dear Cashew,
Now that you can feel me dancing, let me apologize to you. I am a total white girl with white girl moves. And, although I love to dance (and sing when alone), I am definitely not winning any contests. So please don't learn my moves. You seem to have your own moves anyway and WOW are they doozies! I wish I could watch you and see what the heck you are doing! It can feel pretty crazy in there!

You must be growing by leaps and bounds. I seem to always feel hungry and thirsty and very tired. You are already draining my energy! I guess that's good preparation for the next 18 years! I need to keep up with my vitamins. I am sure missing them from time to time isn't helping me much. I read that you don't really need them anymore as much as I do. You get the nutrients you need from whatever I eat and I have to fend for myself after that.

I had a tough weekend and, if you heard me talking to Daddy Sunday night, you probably think that I am really worried about being a mom. I am. I will admit that. But, after talking to your Daddy (who is definitely my better half) he made me feel a lot better about our family. I know there will be challenges and I know there will be a lot to learn but we are in it together! We will have the best family EVER!

Well, time to kick back and enjoy the evening. I will be hitting the gym tomorrow so get some rest tonight. And help me get some rest too.

Love you already and always!!!

PS...Daddy talks to my belly all the time now. Do you hear him? I think he thinks my belly button is the portal to your ear! But it is very sweet and he loves you VERY much! He loves feeling you kick and squirm. It lights up his face.

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  1. I like the rack on the outside...in the corner it looks like you are trying to hide it.