Sunday, August 16, 2009

21 weeks, 5 days: Alive and kickin'!! And boy dreamin'!

It has been an eventful couple of days but I have been too busy and/or tired to post.

Yesterday we had T's family over to celebrate Tay's first week of school. We have decided to make this a traditional event for every first week of school. I will share pics when I am able. I sucked at taking them during the event because I was busy forgetting to slice tomatoes for the overcooked burgers! Haha! More on that event to come when pics are available.

Let me tell you about the dream I had Friday night! It was awesome! In my dream, I felt like I had just come from the mall or someplace else when I ended up in something that resembled a mix between a hospital and a hotel. My family and T's family were gathered around one of those clear plastic bin things that they put babies in when they are born (I don't know what they are called). I walked in and said, "hey, who's baby are you looking at?" Everyone turned and looked at me like I had three heads. "It's your's," someone said. I was very confused and said, "no, I haven't even been here and I obviously haven't just given birth. Everyone kept looking at me like something was wrong with me. "Are you ok, sweetie?" I was asked. Very odd.

But, as the crowd let me through, I saw a baby laying there and fell instantly in love. He was beautiful. And I do say "he" because, one of the things I did in my dream was change his diaper. It was definitely a boy!! And I definitely changed a diaper in my dream as poorly as I imagine I will in real life! In my dream I even put it on me first to try and figure it out. Don't's a dream.

He was a very sweet boy and was wide eyed and not crying (I know, I'm dreamin' for sure now). I even burped him in my dream. I don't know why the diaper change and burping was part of my dream...maybe because I am not clear on how to do either. But I must say that I was overjoyed that he was so sweet and beautiful. I woke up smiling - which doesn't happen often - with tears in my eyes. I was so full of love, excitement and joy, I wanted to wake T up and tell him all about it. Cashew was awake and kicking around in there when I woke up too. That was an added bonus!!

I don't know what any of that means and, if I have a girl, I am sure I will feel the same love and joy. It was just such an intense dream (with more gory details I will leave behind), so real, I am still feeling the affects from it!

Tay felt her little brother/sister for the first time on the outside today. It was a pretty decent kick that made her eyes and mouth widen with joy! She was so excited! She hardly kept her hands off my belly for the rest of the day! But Cashew was only going to perform when he was wanting to so it was only that one time today that she felt anything. But T felt a few flutters and a hard kick about an hour ago. He was pretty excited too. Cashew is VERY active today which may be a result of the overwhelming amount of sugar I have had today! I surprised T and Tay with Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast (I had THREE when I usually have NONE or no more than one). I had a brownie after lunch and a small trial package of Starburst Sour Gummies. OMG!! I NEVER eat that much sugar. And, while I am in a sugar coma about ready to pass out, Cashew is doing acrobatics in my belly on a sugar high. Sorry Cashew. We are heading to the gym tomorrow and having salads every day this week!

We ordered another addition to the nursery. My Mom and my sister-in-law both crocheted me beautiful blankets and I wanted a place to both store them until I use them and to display them. Therefore, we ordered a quilt/blanket rack in cherry wood for the nursery. It is small and will be perfect to hang my blankets until the day I am sitting in my glider with Cashew.


That's the latest update from here. Approaching 22 weeks...I will post an update and a belly pic then!

Dear Cashew,

Wow! You already mind your Mommy so well! I asked if you could give Daddy a firm kick the next time he felt my belly and you DID! He was so excited! He said, "WHOA! I felt THAT!" And your big sister was super excited too! Good job! I feel you a lot and I can tell that you are very strong and active! I'm so glad. It just feels nice to know you are healthy and kickin' it good in there.

I had a great dream about you! Are you a boy sending me messages through my dreams or are you a little girl playing tricks on me? Either way, I was able to get a preview of how happy and in love I will be when we are finally together! It was one of the best dreams I have had in a VERY long time. Especially since I am having such a hard time sleeping lately.

Well, speaking of which, I am pretty tired right now. I am going to head back to TV land and get ready to watch the Colts play. That's Daddy's team (remember, you like the Steelers) but, since we are family and since I love football, I will watch it with him!

Keep kickin' Cashew! I love the way you move!

Love you so much already,
Mommy and Daddy

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