Friday, October 23, 2009

Childbirth Class #2

We went to our second childbirth class last night (Thursday night) and it was pretty good.  I was so afraid that these classes were going to be cheesy or useless and they really aren't.  I know from some experience that everything can change when the time comes but it is really nice to know what to expect from the actual hospital you will be delivering at.  And it really helps to know some of the details to keep my fear in check.  I don't know what I will remember or if I will remember but the heads up is great!  And the comraderie even better! 

I think these classes are really interesting for T as well.  He has been through it all but admits he was pretty clueless on the processes.  I think he feels a lot better knowing how to time contractions, when to call the doctor, how to help me relax, etc.  We have a 45 minute to one hour drive to the hospital from our house so any help in those areas are very beneficial.  And it is nice to hear questions that other women have - so much better than reading a book (most of which are pretty biased) or watching a video. 

Although the childbirth classes have, so far, been somewhat rewarding, the classes I am REALLY looking forward to are the breastfeeding (I want to understand the method of pumping as well) class, the infant care class and - most importantly - the infant CPR class!!  I think even my Mom is going to look into infant CPR.  I think that this class is very important for us and I am really looking forward to it.

So, after not knowing if we wasted money on taking these classes, I can definitely say that we are NOT disappointed in the least.  T and I have both been through this before but knowing the procedure of this hospital and all the "what to expects" have been valuable.  It adds a bit of comfort to the waiting period leading up to "B" Day.  I am proud of us for taking the time and making the investment!

So I have been trying so hard to get the H1N1 shot.  It has to be the injectable vaccine since I am pregnant.  It has been quite a riddle with the health department and the clinic at the ballpark.  But, today my Step-MIL (who is an OB nurse) told me that I could get the shot at her work.  They are hosting a clinic for pregnant women only and her boss said that I could come in to get it.  So I will definitely be there with bells on Monday.  Hopefully she can give it to me personally.  That is so nice of her boss to allow me to do that since I am not one of their patients.  And, with Tay hacking up a nasty cough tonight, the sooner the better!!

Time to try and get some sleep.  We are having maternity pics done tomorrow and I am pretty excited!  We found a photographer out of San Diego who is here visiting family that will be doing the shoot, editing and giving us all our pics via download for only $149.  I hope they turn out but I am pretty confident.  His website is pretty impressive!  I will be sure to post favorites when they are available.

Goodnight all...goodnight Cashew!

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  1. I agree with you that the classes are well worth it! Not that I've ever been to these classes before or anything but I'm sure being around others in your same situation has a comforting feeling to it. And even if everything you learned goes out the window once delivery time actually comes, the process of getting there will be a bit more relieving and familiar for you. Also, like you said, you're taking other classes too that are definitely the baby CPR class. Everyone should know how to do this. Bottom line is that I'm glad the classes are working out for you and that you're glad you signed up for them. I'm sure I would do the same thing.