Thursday, October 8, 2009

29 weeks, 2 days: Doc appt update

19 lbs...19 lbs...19 lbs...19 lbs...over my pre-pregnancy weight!  Holy CRAP!  And EIGHT...count'em...EIGHT lbs since my last appointment.  Whew!  Makes my head spin!!  But, yet, I am told this is on the low end of average and that, as Hutch said as she walked in to see me, I am all baby.  "You are skinny everywhere else.  You are all baby.  All belly."  I tried to look relieved and like the weight gain the nurse just informed me of was no big deal but I had to say, "but 19 lbs!!!!!"  She reassured me that I am right in line with what I should be gaining and that all signs point to healthy!!  Ok...if you say so.  But I am making a mental (and I made a verbal) note to cut out chocolate and sugary sweets.  When my sweet tooth (or, should I say, CASHEW'S sweet tooth) comes knockin', I will be trying to satisfy it with sweet fruits and yogurts.  I say all this and Halloween is right around the corner.  Great timing to have Tay for trick or treating this year!!  Nothing like a bag of chocolate around a pregnant woman with a new sweet tooth to really cause a scare!  Nope!  FRUIT!  All together now...FRUIT!

I don't know if it is the awesome fall (well, at least a Tucson fall) weather, my refreshing trip home, and/or my new (or renewed) realization of how awesome of a life I have, but I was (and am) in a FABULOUS mood!  T and I joked around in the waiting room and in the exam room while we waited for Hutch to come in.  I would share some of our comedy but it wasn't completely clean and probably not suitable for such a large audience as this blog. 

Of course, after my weigh in (MOOO), I was given the pee strip and off to the potty I wandered.  I was unsure of my peeing ability when we first arrived at the doc's.  But, after a 30 minute wait and a few Cashew kicks to the bladder, I was ready when I got into the bathroom.  Sure enough, as I had mentioned many appointments ago, I am now at the point where I can no longer see "down there" in order to aim for the cup.  And, there is no moving the belly over to one side or the other in order to get a better view.  I am completely cut off from seeing my southern parts.  So, yes.  I peed on my hand.  Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy.  Forget embarrassment.  Forget humility.  It is what it is.  This is the way it will be from here on out.  But the strip turned out fine and into the exam room I went to meet up with T.

The nurse took my blood pressure - 108/72.  I am so unclear on what the normal blood pressure should be but the nurse seemed pleased and, when I asked her if that's good, she said yep.  Perfectly fine.  I then asked her how much weight I have gained.  Refer back to the first paragraph for that result (MOOO).  She asked if the baby was moving.  Yes.  All the time and sometimes very forceful.  Any other questions or concerns, she asked?  I thought briefly about my bathroom challenges but decided that was a conversation I would save for Hutch so I said nope.  She handed me some paperwork regarding getting the flu shot (which is my choice) and explained to me that the Swine Flu nasal inhalant cannot be given to pregnant women.  No problem.  I am not getting myself roped into that frenzy anyway.

T and I discussed the flu shot and I told him I would consider it.  However, already we both know people who have gotten the flu shot and have gotten sick in only a day or two after getting it.  No thanks, is my opinion.  I never have gotten the flu shot and have never had much of an issue.  Why would I voluntarily inject the flu into my body.  I am not much on the whole flu shot thing.  So I may skip it.  But I will think a bit more about it in the meantime.

After about 15 minutes, Hutch came in and gave me a big hug.  She is just the sweetest thing.  Of course, she mentioned how great I look and all the other things I mentioned earlier in the post.  She told me that my weight gain was right where it needed to be.  A "good" weight gain is 25 - 30 lbs.  She thinks that my body is finally catching up since I had lost weight in the first tri and didn't gain weight for several months.  Ok, moving on from the weight thing.

She asked me if I had any questions or concerns.  I told her about my digestive "clog" that I have going on right now.  She said it is VERY common because of the increase of progesterone in my system because of being pregnant.  She gave me her suggestions to help loosen things up a bit.

We listened to the heartbeat and it was in the 140's.  Sounds great and healthy.  She mentioned that she would like for us to have another ultrasound at 31 - 32 weeks.  This is an "over 35" thing - another great advantage of being a pregnant elder!  More pics!  It is to check and make sure the growth rate is still great.  We said no problem!  We would love to see more of Cashew.  I wonder what it will look like then!  How exciting!  Something more to look forward to!

We scheduled our next appointment with Hutch for 10-19 at 1:15 PM (the ultrasound will be a separate scheduling and will be done at the other building where we went for our 20 week).  I am now officially a "every two weeker".  Meaning, I am getting further in my pregnancy where I am now visiting the doc every two weeks.  I can't believe we are 11 weeks out (give or take). 

After our appointment we went to Oregano's for lunch!  YUM!  We had baked ravioli with marinara sauce as an appetizer and then I had the baked turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries.  YUM!  T had a pasta bowl.  Of course I had an iced tea...special occasion as it was!  Then we headed home.

Brief note to make you go HMMMM.  T has mentioned several times (in a kinda sad sort of way) that this may be the only time we go through this process (pregnancy, baby, etc.).  I asked him, were you thinking there would be more??  He said he didn't know but that he wouldn't be totally opposed to it.  Which got me thinking.  There is still time for us.  As long as I complete the entire cycle no later than 41, I might be open to it.  But that would be TWO young (very young) kids.  But I like that closeness in age for kids.  I told him, let's keep our minds open and just see how this ONE goes first.  We have a couple of years after yet to decide for sure.  Would you EVER imagine ME saying this??

Another note:  One of my cousin's daughters said to me at the shower that I was her inspiration or something like that because I waited until I was in my 30's to have kids.  She doesn't want to miss out on her 20's but does want to have kids someday.  Everyone, please know this.  The whole "advanced maternal age" after 35 is just a medical reference.  Your body doesn't know this reference nor does it care.  I HIGHLY recommend (and will try to encourage Tay) to LIVE your 20's.  Have fun!  Experience the single life.  Experience the night life.  Get your career together and tightened up.  Don't rush getting married or starting a family.  Find security and, more important, find YOURSELF!  This will make it all the sweeter when you get to the point in your life when you are ready to start a family.  My Grandma was 42 when she had my uncle and she is still around today to see her grandchildren that he provided.  When Cashew is 21, I will be knocking on the door of 59.  My Mom's age.  And she is still the coolest and would hit the town with me as I will them! 

Age is really just a number and, if you take good care of yourself, there is a long road ahead.  I do suggest (and I would suggest this to anyone...even younger people) to get your body weight to a healthy level and get your diet healthy before you get pregnant.  That will build your resting metabolism so that pregnancy weight doesn't doom you.  Other than that, GO OUT AND LOVE YOUR 20'S.  You will still have adult fun post baby but I can always look back at my 20's with great memories with my girlfriends, college, building my career and gaining connections.  Don't rush! 

With such a beautiful day, I am having a hard time concentrating on the chores that have caught up with me.  I really just want to get out with T and enjoy the fall air.  We are going to take a walk tonight and maybe do something before then.  We had the windows open last night in the bedroom and it felt amazing.  I love this time of year!  I can't imagine a better time of year to be adding the lb's to my body!  At least I am not melting!!  It feels wonderful and has made my mood skyrocket through the roof.

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Dawna...thanks for the encouragement for older mothers. Life circumstances have brought me to the probability of being an older mother if I am so lucky. Good luck the rest of the look beautiful!

    Jenny Caudill